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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-24 10:00:00

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Did Don "Spoiler" Jardine train Undertaker or is this just an internet myth?

It is a myth.  He was trained by Buzz Sawyer, kind of.  Sawyer was said to be an uninspired trainer.  Taker was influenced by Jardine however.

I have noticed that prominent podcasters,and many fans on 80's retro forums have a special affinity for the end of the WWE Golden Era period - from '91 to '93.  I thought I was the only one who was fascinated by this time period! This period gave us Warrior being locked in a coffin by Undertaker; Flair entering the WWE as NWA World Champion with the Big Gold Belt; Roberts infamous cobra bite to Savage and slapping Elizabeth; 1992 Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship and fans cheering Hogan's elimination; WM8 missed Hogan - Flair dream match; Bret Hart winning the WWE Championship on a house show; and of course Yokozuna actually ending Hulkamania at KOR '93. What do you think of this WWE period from Royal Rumble '91 to King of the Ring '93? Did you also notice how the end of the Golden Era was different from the earlier stages, when Hogan regularly dethroned the monster "heel of the month"? Finally, do you think the late 80's- early 90's Golden Era ended when Yokozuna squashed Hulkamania? Keep up the great work!

Gotta be honest, I hated that period of WWE so much that I started exclusively watching indies, Lucha and Japanese wrestling exclusively.  I didn’t really come back to the WWF in earnest until 1997.

Who looks more badass in a kilt Drew McIntyre or Roddy Piper?

Drew, it’s not even close.  If I had to fight one of them in their prime, it would be Piper.  Drew is a big, bad man.

In your opinion, how did AJ Styles get so much success so quickly with so much going against him.  He came in during the late stage of his career, he’s a smaller guy, he’s anything but molded from the WWE machine. Yet he’s a 2 time WWE champion, one run lasting a year, multiple PPV main eventer, Wrestlemania Main Eventer, “wrestled” The Undertaker in his “last match,” plus he keeps his original name, his phenomenal nickname, and his finishing moves.  What extra bit of ooomph did AJ have to get as far as he has in WWE?

He impressed the boss with his work and the way he carried himself, plus sold some merchandise.  That stuff gets noticed by Vince.

Could you see a situation now where a pro wrestler can get enough of a buzz to be a household name without the WWE machine behind him/her... to the point where if WWE wants to sign him/her, that he/she would be able to dictate the terms of the deal?

Sure, I definitely could.  It has already happened with Batista to a degree.  Take Sasha Banks.  Let’s say that he role on The Mandalorian leads to more work with Disney.  She got that deal on her own which gives her much more leverage where WWE is concerned.

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