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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-23 10:00:00

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Hulk Hogan gets a bad rap for not wanting to job to Bret Hart and others, but Hogan has laid down for many more wrestlers than Roddy Piper or LOD combined throughout their respective careers. Piper often bragged about how rare it was for him to job at all - let alone cleanly. LOD even refused to drop the WWE World Tag Team titles on camera. I believe Piper & LOD are selfish and unprofessional in this aspect. If everybody refused to job, nobody would ever get over! As entertaining as Piper and LOD were, don't you think they should be criticized like Hogan is - for their unwillingness to job and get others over? Aren't fans being biased for not calling them out? Why do they get a free pass on this? Am I the only one who sees this double standard? 

Hogan was the champion, Piper wasn’t.  He had the right to protect his character and all, but he was the guy Vince trusted with the belt and, in my opinion, should have dropped it to whoever Vince wanted him to drop it to (since he didn’t have a creative control clause).  If Piper had won the Title, I would have said the same thing if he refused to put someone over.  The Warriors were different to me.  They were booked to be monsters and they shouldn’t have lost very often, kind of like The Undertaker.  

Did anyone else notice what seemed to be Randy Orton giving Drew McIntyre a little spank on the butt when he was pinned for the title change this past Raw? Wondering if there is some sort of story behind it or whether it was just an accidental happening.

I can happily say that I did not notice that.

Would just like your thoughts on Adam Pearce’s “GM  without actually been the GM role in WWE”. He, on TV, seems to be the guy putting the putting matches together and is doing the role very well. I think it makes things that little bit more realistic as somebody, somewhere would be putting matches together (in kayfabe). Do you think they should make him on one show  and maybe put a Jamie Noble doing the same role on Raw, to keep them exclusive. 

Pearce has done a great job in the role as the representative of management.  I like keeping it to one person as if you make it brand exclusive, it looks more contrived and makes it seem as if the person is actually a GM.  I want to avoid GMs like the plague.  Plus he is in mostly the “I am just doing what I am told” role, which makes him less blamable for things.

Regarding Survivor Series, is part of the issue, that until November no WWE superstar cares about Brand Warfare. If they did some little things and maybe throw a little bit of shade to the other brand throughout the year, nothing much just a line or 2 here and there. Maybe the number 30 spot in Rumble goes to the winning brand. The winning team of each earn the right to the MITB match etc.

That is definitely the problem.  No one cares about brand superiority, plus you have people like AJ Styles who just jumped brands and now wants to be the captain, why???  And yep, nothing is on the line and I don’t think that they should put anything important on the line because the show doesn’t matter.

Do you think the King of the Ring concept could work in this era, maybe as a one night Network exclusive. Perhaps a tournament featuring superstars from all 3 brands and maybe a legend or 2 for good measure. Make it a 2 night special by adding the Queen of the Ring tournament as well.

I think it’s a tired concept.  What does being the King even mean?  It hasn’t done a thing for Baron Corbin.  We have four singles champions as it is on the two shows.  The best the winner could say is they are number 5.  I think it’s run its course.

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