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By Paul Jordan on 2020-11-22 08:58:00

Sports Illustrated has an interview with Drew McIntyre discussing tonight's showdown with Roman Reigns at Survivor Series.  The WWE Champion commented, "Roman is fully embracing his character, without restrictions, and he’s gone to another level.  He’s got Paul Heyman by his side, and he’s genuinely so compelling. This is the ultimate opportunity, in the ring with him, to prove I am the top guy in WWE.”

On his Wrestlemania 35 bout with Reigns, McIntyre stated, "That was Roman’s moment, returning from illness and showing the world he was back,” said McIntyre. “I was thankful for that opportunity, but it needed to be all about Roman. This is way different than 35. He’s done a lot since then, but I have risen up the card, too. I have a lot to prove to him this Sunday."

On his WWE title win over Randy Orton, McIntyre commented, "I still hear how Randy doesn’t want to get too physical or take too many bumps, so for anyone that thinks he’s soft in the ring, that’s just not true,” said McIntyre. “He went above and beyond to make me look as good as possible. We both worked our butts off, and I’m very proud of that match, as well as the chance to once again be WWE Champion.”

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