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By Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson & Richard Trionfo on 2020-11-21 11:37:00

WWE presents The Survivor Series on Sunday night.  Here's our take on what will happen.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Dave: When they flipped the Title to Randy Orton, I assumed it was so that Drew would not have to lose to Reigns in this match.  Then on Monday, they flipped it back to Drew.  Roman is the hottest thing going in WWE right now and I don't see any way he loses here.  What will probably see is Drew selling the effects of his match with Orton from Raw, and maybe some Jey Uso involvement.

Mike: Their Wrestlemania 35 match was very good and Drew has only grown as a performer since then.  Roman is the best he's ever been.  So who wins?  To me, it's way too early for Roman to lose and this should be used as a way to tease a bigger rematch down the line....or, since it's WWE, maybe Brock will return and F5 everyone but if it's a logical one on one, Roman goes over to give Drew a redemption to chase.

Richard:  While this is a great matchup, I don't want it to happen because I don't want Drew to lose this match.  I would have rather seen Orton versus Roman to see Roman destroy Orton and show why he is the best.  If they could just recreate the contract signing segment from Smackdown, I would rather see that than the match.  It should be a very good match and I just hope we don't see Drew's position diminished in any way after Roman wins.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka vs. WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks.

Dave: I hate that WWE has made this show about the Champion vs. Champion trope.  Like with the men's match, this bout shouldn't be happening right now and only is because of the calendar.   Since I have Roman winning above, Asuka should win here.  Maybe Bayley or Carmella, or both, lead to that happening.  But, it looks like it will be Carmella after last night.

Mike: The only way Banks should lose is if Carmella gets involved.  Mandalorians don't go down easy!

Richard:  I can see what Dave suggested about Carmella since she is attacking Sasha weekly as if it is Nia sending Lana through a table.  If there is no interference, this could be a very good match.  I would like to see Asuka win this one since she is the one who the win would help more going into their next title feuds.

WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn.

Dave: This is the match where there is one person that clearly should beat the other.  Lashley should come out on top here.

Mike:  As Lio Rush used to scream, LASHLEY! LASHLEY! LASHLEY!

Richard:  After Zayn lost on Smackdown in the IMPROMPTU 8 man tag match, I would expect to see Lashley win easily. . . unless we find out that Sami has been working with Retribution to help him get the victory.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day vs WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits.

Dave: If it's me, I have the Profits go over here since it would be a really good win for them in the eyes of the average fan.

Mike:  I am with Dave on this one.  The New Day are made men in the eyes of the fans.  Having the Profits beat them and get elevated in the process is a no-lose situation for all involved.  They could even do some silly stuff early on before they finally see emotions boil over and then they throw down in a more serious fashion.

Richard:  I am glad they didn't switch the Raw tag titles.  With the miscommunication on Friday night, I can see The Street Profits winning the match with Ford's Seven Star Frog Splash.  This could be a career making victory for the Street Profits and I would give it ot them.

Team Raw: WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler & Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans & Lana vs. Team Smackdown: Bianca Belair & Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan & Bayley & Natalya

Dave: Why they took Dana and Mandy off of the team?  I have no idea.  It's WWE I guess.  Given all of the abuse Lana has taken, the only thing that makes sense here is for her to be the last one in the match for her team.  Then, does she win?  Well, if it gets to that point she should.  Honestly though, I have no interest in this match since it's so contrived.

Mike:  Nia Jax has to bne e going through a tablem thanks to Lana, right?  If not, what was the point of all this stuff.  My guess is Team Smackdown takes this one and we'll see Bianca spotlighted.

Richard:  If this is the 'best of the best', the set up for this match has been among the 'worst of the worst'.  No one likes anyone on either team and we had Natalya win a last chance (this time we mean it) match to be the fifth member of the team.  If they want to make this match an instant classic, have everyone but Natalya and Lana get disqualified and let the former BFFs battle for 30 minutes until the BOAT can send Lana through the announce table as if it was an iceberg.  Give Smackdown the win and set up Riott Squad versus Shayna and Nia again.

Team Raw: AJ Styles & Keith Lee & Sheamus & Braun Strowman & Riddle vs. Team Smackdown: Kevin Owens & Jey Uso & Baron Corbin & Seth Rollins & Otis in an Elimination Tag Team Match.

Dave: All we have seen from Team Raw for weeks is that they can't get along.  It wouldn't make any sense for them to suddenly become a cohesive unit.  That means that there is a good chance that they will but I will go with Smackdown's team uses that divide to get the win for their brand.  The real winner on this show is NXT since they aren't involved.

Mike:  Team Raw can't get along, so my guess is that will be completely ignored while Baron Corbin pisses off his own team and ends up first eliminated.  If I was WWE, I'd do an angle where Big E replaces someone because why the hell did you break him off on his own to do nothing with him?  It looks like Rollins will be taking a well deserved hiatus soon, so my vision is he's the last one left for his Team and gets wiped out by everyone before being pinned.

Richard:  The Raw team (most of them) lost to Retribution this week and The Smackdown team added someone without having to wrestle and they put Otis on the team instead of Big E?  Let each team brawl amongst themselves and work until we get one man left on each team.  It would be nice if Keith Lee can have a second year in a row with a strong Survivor Series performance, but would it be enough to help his push?  Raw wins this one because I have Smackdown winning the Women's Match.

Dual Brand Battle Royal (Kickoff Show)

Dave: The actual Survivor Series matches don't mean a thing so this means even less.  A last minute battle royal on the kickoff show, who even wants to win it?

Mike:  Well, if they really want to get people buzzing, Aleister Black should win, but my guess is this will be a vehicle for Lars Sullivan.

Richard:  They just announced this on Friday afternoon and why is it happening?  What does the winner get?   Did they realize they have six matches and things could end 3-3 and we wouldn't know which brand was best?  I would rather see Undertaker enter the match and win.  If it is everyone not on the PPV in this match, let Nakamura, Cesaro, or Big E win.  I am sure we will probably see someone from Retribution win.

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