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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-21 10:00:00

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What wrestler do you think would have been perfect for the role of Jason Voorhees?

I'd have to say Ken Shamrock, because he walks and moves like a horror movie monster.

My question is about Brian Lee. Where has he been? Surely enough, he is very good friends with The Undertaker, I would think he would be on the WWE radar for a potential run again? He has great agility for a 6'7 300-pounder. Why hasn't he been given another call? He was great in ECW. I know Vince McMahon likes the big guys (and this is a big guy with a lot of similarities to The Undertaker).. What gives?

Brian Lee is living in the Nashville, TN area and is out of the business.  I don't foresee him ever having another WWE run at 53 years old.  He was a great big man, but for whatever reason, never had or mantained a consistent top push on a national level, but we saw how strong he could be in SMW as a babyface and then later in ECW as a heel.  Nationally, however, he'll be best remembered as Ted DiBiase's fake Undertaker.

With the companies now closing their sets and most of their spoilers not leaking, would they be better off if the internet was not what it is today such as spoilers and results.   I am specifically thinking Impact and ROH being better offwithout the internet what it is today?

I think all companies would be happier if their spoilers didn't get out and I can understand and respect that.  That said, both Impact and Ring of Honor cut their teeth on the support of the online audience, especially during their formulative years.  Had it not been for the Internet, neither would have existed, period.  That was the audience that kept them alive.

Why WWE has always shied away from face vs. face matches?

Historically, the babyface vs. heel dynamic has always been what has sold tickets in pro wrestling.  Dating back to Bruno Sammartino vs. Pedro Morales, who were the hottest babyfaces of their era, they didn't sell out Shea Stadium with that bout.

What were the circumstances that led to the death of the legendary Andre the Giant? Where was he laid to rest?Andre passed away of a heart attack while in France for the funeral of his father in February 1993.  He was cremated with his ashes scattered along his estate in North Carolina.  I'd suggest the great book by Patrick Laprade and Bertrand Hebert.

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