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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-22 10:00:00

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Every time I see Brian Cage, I think to myself, "How did Vince not snap this guy up"? Cage is fantastic in the ring, has the "it factor", and is a very believable bad ass. Cage is Vince's wet dream of an ideal prototypical world champion, as he is a combination of John Cena's look and Brock Lesnar's freakish athleticism. Am I the only one who thinks if Cage makes it to the WWE, Vince can print money with Cage and would no doubt push him to the moon?

I am with you.  I have no idea how Impact let him leave and no idea why WWE didn't pick him up when he was available.  The guy has a ton of talent.

Who started using the “You’re fired!” catchphrase first – Vince McMahon or Donald Trump?

Vince McMahon was using it over 20 years ago, long before Trump's The Apprentice ever aired on NBC.

Is it fair to look at the Undertaker a little differently after he has worked with both Cameo and RF Video?

Sure, we all form our opinions based off of what we believe in.

I think some smaller guys who have good muscular physiques, like Ricochet, can be believable threats to a larger wrestler. Also, guys like Daniel Bryan, are also believable because technically proficient small guys can still make big guys tap out in real life. Lastly, even a Kyle O'Reilly is believable against a large opponent because he knows multiple martial arts disciplines and is a credible striking specialist. However, when I see Orange Cassidy, I get what Jim Cornette is saying about some AEW wrestlers being too small to draw or to suspend one's disbelief. While Orange Cassidy has a fun gimmick and is obviously a talented performer, don't you feel he is way too scrawny and has no believable fighting style to be a main eventer or a threat for a world championship? I think if I were to show an Orange Cassidy match to a casual fan, it would not pass the giggle test of believability. I think his size is way too small to be taken seriously to draw. Do you agree with Cornette on this one about some guys being too small to draw or to be taken seriously by casual fans?

I definitely think some guys are too small to be believable, yes.  Cassidy wasn’t believable to me when he was doing the comedy gimmick, but then he got in the feud with Chris Jericho and was elevating…until the last match.  Then with Cody, for the Title, he went back to the kicks and went back to being a comedy guy to me.  Everyone sees things differently, of course, but I think they had a chance to elevated Cassidy and make him believable and they wasted it.

I’ve got a quick question with regards to the main event at Survivor Series.  With the main event now scheduled to be Reigns vs. McIntyre, how would you plan the finish of the match to keep both guys looking strong?

As I said in the Tip Sheet, I hate that this match is even happening right now, with no build, just because it’s Survivor Series.  This a match that should be built to instead of thrown together.  Since that is the case, I think the best way to play it is remind us about the brutal match that Drew went through with Randy Orton on Monday, then have Jey Uso get involved giving Drew a “reason” for why he lost a tough fight to Reigns.  I don’t see any way that Reigns loses, nor should he.  He is the hottest thing in WWe right now.

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