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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-19 08:15:00

Stonecutter Media issued the following announcement on next month's Combat Zone Wrestling December PPVs:

CZW On Demand and PPV December 2020 Announcement


Anything and everything can be used as a weapon in this month’s CZW: Too Violent For the USA.  Pizza slicers, cheese graters, staple guns, carnival mallets, fluorescent light tubes, and panes of glass are among the many objects the CZW titans use to inflict pain on their foes.  And in CZW Girlz: Criminal Attack witness the ladies damage each other in ways that would land anyone outside a CZW ring in jail.  Here’s the details on the CZW shows available on cable and satellite providers across the land beginning in December:

CZW: No Disqualifications – Featuring four jaw dropping bouts!  Brandon Kirke vs. Dan O’Hare vs. Kit Osbourne vs. Conor Claxton; Dale Patricks vs. Mance Warner vs. Josh Crane; Matt Tremont vs. Toby Klein vs. Cannonball; Jimmy Lloyd vs. Rickey Shane Page!

CZW Girlz: Beauty vs. The Beast – Featuring three violent matches!  Fella Twins vs. Maria Manic; Lana Austin vs. Kiera Hogan; The Sinister Sisterhood & Annie Social vs. Xandra Bale, Veda Scott, Missy Sampson; Mia Yim, & Leva Bates!

Every month, CZW brings their greatest, bloodiest, ultraviolent matches to your cable or satellite provider, and you can order the shows on demand or on pay-per-view.  Check your on demand guide for all the shows available.  Or go online to your cable or satellite provider’s website to order on pay-per-view.  CZW – every month on demand and on pay-per-view – the wrestling you want right at home.

CZW – Like Nothing Else!

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