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By Adam Cardoza on 2020-11-18 22:32:00

IWTV “The Masked Wrestler: Episode 6”-11/18/20

Last week, Genkai (identity as yet unknown) defeated Skid McGraw (revealed as Josh Bishop) in the 5th episode and 1st semi-final bout of this tournament of mystery - 

Tonight, the semi-finals finish up as our last two SLIGHTLY LESS mysterious competitors enter the ring in this single elimination tournament to determine the next challenger for WARHORSE’s IWTV Championship. Kris Statlander, Billy Dixon and Mr. Brickster are your ringside...contestants? Seriously, is there a prize? Denver Colorado and Dylan Hales are your match commentators. Larry Legend is your announcer. 

So who is fighting this week? Stokely Hathaway Jr is back after beating Blueskie (Tre’ LaMar). They expect their 10 years of experience will carry them to the finals. Wyldkat beat Marmalade (Lady Frost) after figuring out who she was mid-match. They expect to do the same for SHJ...who they already have an idea on. 

Match: Wyldkat (grey mask) vs Stokely Hathaway Jr (yellow)

Trading position to start, each trying to work the wrist, arm and shoulder of the other. Lil Stoke with a series of armdrags and Wyldkat powders to reset their game. Wyldkat comes charging and sends Stoke to the buckles. Stomps, dropkicks and a big back suplex for two. Wyldkat twisting the arm and dropping knees to the back. Wyldkat stretching Lil Stoke and picking their shots. Stoke flips out of another back suplex. Wyldkat immediately powders. Stoke dives after them, brings ‘em back and hits a crossbody for two. Lil Stoke with a slingshot codebreaker for another near fall. Stoke running in for a meteora but Wyldkat catches into a crab and STF. Stoke to the ropes and Wyldkat barely breaks the hold in time. Quick back and forth pin combos and several close calls. Wyldkat gets a shot in that staggers Stoke. Trading slaps in the center. Stoke gets frustrated and takes their glove off. The ref goes to throw the glove out of the ring, Wyldkat hits a low blow and immediately rolls up Stokely Hathaway Jr for three. 

Winner: Wyldkat

This was good stuff. Lil’ Stoke was definitely ahead and fighting a heck of a battle before they fell victim to Wyldkat’s resourcefulness. But WHO do the judges think Stokely Hathaway Jr is? Lil’ Stoke immediately rips their mask off. 

It’s Tony Deppen! (

Deppen cuts an absolutely fire promo because...well, he got kicked in the balls and lost his chance to fight WARHORSE for the IWTV championship. He’s not happy about that and runs down all the ringside panelists, were they sad that he wasn’t actually Stokely Hathaway? Deppen’s demanding to know their guesses. They all thought it was just some loser, especially Statlander who Deppen had some extra ire for. Deppen promises that, when he finds out who Wyldkat is, he will kick them in the d*** at least twice as a receipt. 

I enjoy Deppen a lot so no shock to me that his two contests have been my faves of the show so far. Let’s get a runback of him and Tre’ LaMar sometime, eh?

 Next week is the finals! Genkai vs Wyldkat! Winner to face WARHORSE! Until then!

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