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By Cory Strode on 2020-11-18 20:10:00

It's Wednesday, we're at Daily's Plaza in Jacksonville, FL, and it's time for a NEW Episode of AEW Dynamite!  Our announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone and we have our new opening theme from last week to start us off.

We start off with a bang with Darius and Dante Martin, Top Flight come to the ring and we get a video introducing them to us.  They are followed by the Young Bucks.

Young Bucks (Tag Team Champions) vs Top Flight

  • Nick and Darius start off by running the ropes. 

  • Matt is tagged and Dante tags in and the hit double team moves on Matt, ending with a cover for a two count.

  • Dante keeps control and Darius tags in, lots of high flying moves.  

  • Matt and Nick confer outside the ring as Top Flight stay in the ring.  Matt comes in to face Dante and they tie up.

  • Nick comes in with a blind tag and it's time for the Bucks to work high flying double team moves.

  • After a bulldog drop kick, Matt tags in and he locks on a sharpshooter.

  • All four are in the ring, and the Bucks are able to take our each member of Top Flight.

  • Bucks set up for the Meltzer driver and Dante is able to escape and tag in Darius

  • Darius is able to work over Matt, and then hits a standing Spanish Fly to cover Matt for a t6wo count.

  • Time for the Top Flight to hit Topis

  • Dante is tagged in and they work over the Bucks, and they all hit a series of high flying double team moves until Dante hits a Rana on Matt off the turnbuckles and covers for a two count.

  • The Bucks are able to turn the tables and work over Dante, hit an sliced bread off the top and cover for a two count.  

  • Nick tags in and they try for More Bang For Your Buck, but Darius is able to knock Nick off the top, and Dante rolls up Matt for a two count.

  • The Bucks hit the BTE on Dante and Nick covers for the three count

Your winners and still Tag Team Champions, the Young Bucks

Afterward, Jack Evans and Angelico attack Top Flight outside the ring, and the Bucks chase them off. Top Flight came off as a team hat works much like the Bucks, and the match made them look like a legit challenger in that style.

We get a rundown of the card for the night.  

We get a montage of the Inner Circle in Vegas where Sammy thinks he has 21 at the Blackjack table, but he doesn't while MJF does.  MJF and Jericho try to up each other with their drink orders.  Oh, and Everclear is usually 190 proof, not 100 proof. Santana and Ortiz ask if they want to take it to the next level, and Konnan takes them in a smoke filled limo to meet Piff the Magic Dragon (a popular magician).  Everyone bonds over drinking and it's to be continued. 

It's time for our first commercial break and a video about AEW's history.

When we get back, it's time for Mox's promo for the night.  He says now, the whole world makes sense to him.  He said his dad is how he got to their moment.  His dad picked him up at the police station, and told him that they are the good guys.  They have tried to lie, cheat and steal his title, but he knows what to do. We're the good guys.  His body feels like hell, he's holding two titles and he knows what to do.  We're the good guys.  So tonight, he will walk to the ring, sign the contract and let Kenny Omega know he is the best wrestler in the world.  

Coming to the ring at this time are the Best Friends with Orange Cassidy and Miro s at commentary. Next out is Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford.

Kip Sabian vs Orange Cassidy

Kip swings at Cassidy and misses, and Cassidy slowly slaps him.  Cassidy goes for the pockets and Kip grabs him in a headlock and takes him over.  They go to the ropes and Orange reverses it.  They hit the ropes again, and Cassidy takes Kip down.  They get to their feet, and Cassidy goes for the pocket again, and Kip kicks him in the midsection. Kip is able to keep Orange tied up with holds and takes him down to the mat.  Cassidy works to their feet and Cassidy leaps for a head scissors, and Kip stops him and tosses Cassidy to the Mat.

Cassidy gets up and Kip goes for a drop toe hold, and Cassidy finally gets his hands in his pockets and walks out of the hold.  Cassidy is able to dodge Kip and hits a drop kick.  Kip goes out of the ring and Cassidy follows with a Tope.. Cassidy tosses him into the ring, and Ford steps in front of Cassidy holding out her hands to stop him.  Cassidy gives her a double high five and gets up on the apron.  Kip attacks Cassidy as he tries to get into the ring, and is able to cover Cassidy for a two count.  It's time for PICTURE IN PICTURE.

Kip maintains control through the commercial break.  When we come back, Cassidy casually walks out of the way of one of a drop kick from Kip.  Kip is able to work Cassidy onto the turnbuckles. Cassidy fights his way free and tosses Kip off the ropes. Kip comes back and kicks Cassidy, but Cassidy fights him off again. Cassidy hits a flying cross body, follows it with a DDT and covers Kip for the two count.

Cassidy goes to the top and Kip is up and captures Cassidy.  They struggle into the ropes, and Cassidy is able to slap Kip's face into the turnbuckle twice, and Cassidy hits a diving DDT of the top for a two count on Kip.   Cassidy recovers first and Kip rolls to the edge of the apron, and when he comes in, they trade attempts at a suplex and Kip is able to get Cassidy over for a two count. Kip lifts Cassidy for another slam and another two count.  Kip sets up for a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes, but Cassidy escapes and covers Kip for a two count.  Cassidy is able to get Kip in the mousetrap and holds it on for the three count.

Your winner: Orange Cassidy

Miro runs to the ring and plows into Cassidy and the Best Friends run in and run him and Sabian off. 

It's time for more commercials.

When we come back Tony Schiavone is in the ring for our Contract Signing.  Kenny Omega will challenge for the AEW Title held by Jon Moxley.  Kenny has an over the top entrance and I have to figure out what the North Carolina joke is. Mox is introduced and doesn't come to the ring. We go to the back and Mox has been attacked and will have to be stretchered out.  Tony asks Kenny if he has anything to say.  Kenny says that Mox won't be able to avoid the match they have in two weeks and signs the contract.

It's time to see more of what the Inner Circle was up to in Vegas.  They are drunk on the roof of a hotel with an Elvis impersonator.  MJF says he has something get off his chest.  He always thought he was a lone wolf and now he's found his wolf pack.  They howl at the moon and we then cut to them waking up with Jericho waking up in bed with Elvis. The hotel room is trashed, MJF wakes up in the hot tub. Sammy is sleeping in the fountain, and we see Sammy has written in Marker all over MJF's face.  Sammy has gotten married three times, Ortiz is lifting weights, Santana has a bunch of chickens with him and they find a little person in a diaper weeping in their room.

We get back, and Jericho is at commentary, and he announces that he and Jake Hager are taking on SCU next week.

We get to see commercials.

When we get back, Butcher and Blade come to the ring with Bunny and Butcher's smock.  Sadly, no monocle.  Eddie Kingston is at commentary.  Next out, he is The Bastard, Pac.

Pac vs Blade

Pac starts with a shotgun drop kick and starts stomping the crap out of Blade.  Pac tosses Blade out of the ring and tosses him into the barricades.  Blade is tossed back into the ring, climbs to the top and hits another shotgun dropkick.  Pac starts to jack jaws with Butcher outside the ring and Blade nails Pac and tosses Pac into the barricade.  Blade tosses Pac into the ring and drops him into the ropes from a vertical hold.  Pac is tossed into the ropes and leaps over them and hits Blade with a DDT.

Pac tosses Blade into the corner.  He then starts nailing Blade with kicks. Pac runs to the ropes and Bunny grabs his foot, distracting him so Blade can nail him from behind and hit Pac with a Doctor Bomb.  It's time for PICTURE IN PICTURE.  Blade maintains control on the small screen.

Blade is kicking and slapping a seated Pac when we come back.  They start trading blows in the middle of the ring. The fight moves to the corners and Pac takes control with a pump kick.  Blade hits a spinning power slam and covers for a two count.  Blade goes to the top, Pac is able to get in a kick to slow down Blade.  Pac climbs up for a superplex.  Pac covers for a two count.  They struggle to their feet, and Pac is up first, runs at Blade in the corner, hitting an uppercut.  

Pac goes to the top and Bunny gets on the apron, distracting the ref so the Butcher can come in and eat a foot to the face from Pac. Blade rolls up Pac with a handful of trunks for a two count.  Pac nails Blade in the face, goes to the top and hits a shooting star press into a brutalizer, and Blade taps.

Your winner: Pac

Pac grabs a mic and as he is talking to Eddie, Butcher attacks him from behind.  Blade joins in and Eddie comes down to the ring and grabs the Mic.  He mocks Pac for being gone for 8 months.  He tells Pac will be able to handle the storm and Rey Fenix shows up and attacks.  Edie and his team are able to take them down.  

Where is Penta? 

He comes out from the back slowly ,carrying a chair.  He comes into the ring and looks as if he is willing to attack Rey and instead goes after Blade, Eddie and Butcher.  It looks like Death Triangle has been reunited, but Penta didn't make contact with Eddie and his crew.,

In the back, Jade stomped on Brandi's arm, which was stuck in a steel chair.  Referees and Vickie and Nyla Rose were shouting at the refs.

It's time for commercials.

We are back and coming to the ring at this time, from the graveyards of Tijuana Mexico, Thunder Rosa. Next out is Serena Deeb with the NWA title.  

Serena Deeb (NWA women's champion) vs. Thunder Rosa

They tie up and struggle to the corner where we get a clean break.  They tie up again and Riose makes it a waist lock. Takes Deeb down and locks up a series of holds until Deeb twists out.  Rosa tries to get on an arm lock, but Deeb works to her feet.  Deeb works Rosa down and covers for a two count.  Rosa is able to take Deeb down in a headlock. Deeb reverses with a head scissors.  Rose turns it into a headlock and the work to their feet and Deeb gets the headlock on.

They break and trade chops and blows.  They run the ropes and Rosa is able to take Deeb down with a armdrag, followed with a scoop slam and a leap onto Deeb for a two count. Deeb is dropped into the rope with a drop toe hold and Rose leaps onto her back. Rosa is grabbed as she comes in and Deeb hits a Dragon Screw into the ropes and we go to picture in picture where Deeb dominates.

When we come back, Rosa is making her comeback with a back elbow in the corner.  Rosa leaps into Deeb in the corner and leaps from the top into Deeb's midsection.  Rosa hits a drop kick on Deeb hits a butterfly suplex and covers for a two count.  Rosa gets on the apron, and Deeb catches her as she comes through the ropes, nails a neck breaker onto the ropes on Rosa. 

Deeb goes onto the apron and hits a spear, rolls Rosa into the ring and covers for a two count.  Rosa escapes a GTS and hits a series of kicks to Deeb and hits a German Suplex.  Rosa goes up and hits a missile drop kick on Deeb.  As Reba distracts the ref, Britt Baker hits a DDT on Rosa on the ramp.  Deeb hits a power bomb and covers for a two count.  

Deeb tries for a pedigree, but Rosa escapes.  Rosa picks up Deeb,m who slides down and tries to bring Rosa down, Rosa drops to her knees for a cover, Deeb rolls back and gets a two count on Rosa, Rosa reverses and holds Deeb in a submission hold and Deeb is able to escape. Deeb goes to get the Serenity lock, but Rosa reverses and they battle. Rosa covers Deeb for a two count.  They trade a pair of roll ups, then they trade attempts at a back slide.  Deeb is able to twist through and hits the Swiss Special and covers Rosa for a three count to retain.

Your winner and still NWA champion:  Serena Deeb

Rosa rolls out of the ring, sees Britt Baker is at ringside and Rosa pulls her over the barricade and they battle as referees try to pull them apart. 

Now, John Silver and Anna Jay have requested time.  Silver says before she joined the Dark Order, she was just a rookie.  Now she is ranked number 5 and she's got a match with Hikaru Shida next week.

We get a rundown of the other matches for next week as well.

And now, your main event.  Coming to the ring is Team Taz's Ricky Starks and Brian Cage with Taz, who is coming to the commentary table. We are going to commercials.

Cody and Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks

We start with Darby and Starks tying up.  Starks takes Darby down and Darby is up quickly and they struggle down to the mat.  Starks control Darby with a Hammer lock.  Darby is able to get up, comes off the rope and then ties Starks up with a standing hammerlock.  They break and trade slaps.  Darby  is able to drop Starks and Starks tags in Cage.  Cody tags in as well.

They run the ropes and Cody is able to stop it with a series of blows.  Cage hits a hip toss into a back breaker on Cody.  They run the ropes again and Cody hits a dropkick on Cage.  Cody hits a moonsault press and covers Cage and Taz goes to ringside.  Cody tags in Darby and we get PICTURE IN PICTURE

Darby gets a few covers and Cage backs him into his corner where Cody tags in.  Cage keeps control on the small screen and Arn gets told to head to the back by the ref as Arn tossed in a chair.  

When we get back Cody escapes a Russian leg sweep and hits the drop down uppercut.  Cody tries to tag out, but Starks takes out Darby on the outside.  Cage catches up with Cody and hits a German suplex to Cody and covers for the two count.  Cage drags Cody to their corner and tags in Starks who stomps on Cody.  Starks pummels Cody with blows in the corner.  Starks runs at Cody, who is able to hit a back body drop and make it to tag in Darby, who cleans house.  

Darby hits a jackknife power bomb and a cover for a two count.  Cage runs in and Suplexes Darby AND Starks from the corner.  Cody gets into the Tax's face, then gets in the ring and nails Cage.  Starks spears Cody and Darby is able to hit a destroyer on cage for a two count broken up by Starks.  Darby escapes the Roshabeau, Cody hits a Crossroads on Starks, and Cage hits a clothesline on Darby and suplexes Cody. He puts Darby up on the top and Darby is able to fight out of the waist lock by Cage. 

Cage hits a leaping kick into Darby's chest as Starks holds Darby's foot.  Cage hits the Avalanche drill claw from the top and covers Darby for the three count.

Your winners: Team Taz

Starks starts the beatdown on Darby and Cody tries to break it up, but Cage is able to take out Cody.  Will Hobbs comes from the back with a steel chair to make the save.

Or does he?

He grabs the FTW belt and then he nails Cody with it.  The new Team Taz stands over Cody holding the FTW belt high and we're out of time!


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