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By Anthony Pires on 2020-11-18 20:13:00

We are live and in living color from Dailey's Place in Jacksonville as AEW presents this weeks brand new Dynamite.  I still have no idea why Jade Cargill is famous, by the way.  Theoretically, we're also live (I guess) from Las Vegas, NV, where Maxwell J Friedman is treating his new Inner Circlemates to a men's week in Sin City.  No word on if Dave Scherer got the exclusive scoop.  Hey don't forget that Cory Strode and I will have our weekly post game party drop about 90 minutes after Dynamite goes off the air for all the Elite subscribers of Pwinsider.

We're kicking things off right away with Darius and Daunte Martin, Top Flight.  AEW gives us a little personality profile on these newcomers.  I think they said they're 21 and 19.  Makes me feel like I wasted my youth away.  

As usual, JR, Tony and Excalibur have tonight's call.

Let's see if the Young Bucks are babyfaces or heels tonight.  These kids (Top Flight) are pretty darn good from what I'm seeing.  They got some stuff in early but the AEW World Tag Team Champions inevitably take control.  I'm curious to see how their cadence is in an enhancement situation like this.  Fundamentally, these kids are selling like champs here and getting their spots in at the appropriate time.  Darius just connected on a one legged dropkick right into a Pele kick in one shot, something I don't think I can ever recall seeing.  Top Flight is hanging in there and, strangely, it doesn't seem contrived.  BTE trigger and the Young Bucks have the won.

I tend to over use the phrase "good for what it was".  This, however, was perfect for what it was supposed to be. Jack Evans and Angelico attack the Martin Brothers, so I guess we'll be seeing them again soon.  Bucks played babyfaces here, so the mystery as to what they're supposed to be continues.

The Inner Circle Slay Las Vegas.  I am terrified that song and dance 2 is going to break out.  Apparently MJF and JEricho are drinking 100 proof Everclear.  Konnan joins the fun.  Some guy in a dragon outfit shows up.  Wardlow and Hager play one uppmanship beating up some bar patrons.  Sammy tells MJF he hates him, drunkenly of course.  The shenanigans will continue through out the night.  To be continued...

Someone named Director X presents a video of several AEW stars extolling the virtues of AEW: Year One.

We get comments from Jon Moxley, leading to his contract signing later tonight.  Jon gives us a parable about his hard father constantly reminding him that he's the good guy.  And he breaks some news about his wife being pregnant.  Congrats to them.  He seems to remember that he is still IWGP UNited States Champion.  Being the good guy is what he'll continue to be.

Underused Orange Cassidy is up next to take on Kip Sabian.  Miro joins commentary.  I can't figure out what to make of Kip Sabian. On one hand, he has a great look, decent skills and great looking fiancee who essentially serves as his manager.  However, the sum of the parts has always been greater than the whole, for some reason.  Twice now Cassidy has been thwarted from putting his hands in his pocket, which will undoubtedly lead to the big moment when he....puts his hands in his pocket.  He did it!  Hands in the pockets!  Kids today don't realize it's all in the build.  He should have held out from the hands in his pockets until later in the match, when the emotional crescendo would have been at its peak.  Instead, he does it and we go right to restaurant quality picture in picture commercial...

We are back and JR tells us that December 2, 2020 will be the biggest Dynamite in company history.  I thought last week was.  Cassidy off the top and hits a sliding DDT.  That could be real bad on the knees of the guy delivering the move.  Beautiful Tiger Driver for 2 by Sabian.  That move should be a finish.  OC with a mousetrap rollup for the pin.  Miro breaks some kind of sprinting record getting to the ring inside 3 seconds from the booth.  Best Friends make the save and give the people what they want.  Excalibur yelling that during the Best Friends hug in amuses me, I don't know why.


Contract signing time.  I'm glad Pro Wrestling Illustrated didn't send any reporters to this, as Cory would take a blistering by not knowing who they are.  Kenny Omega, complete with his broom girls and Justin Roberts intro come out.  Omega is dressed in tie-less suit and sunglasses.  Father-to-be Jon Moxley is introduced but has been laid out unconscious in the back.  Omega signs the contract.

Whatever you do, do NOT play a drinking game where you take a shot everytime someone says "Winter is Coming". Omega walks off.  The match will likely be very good.  This segment, however, did nothing for it.

Part 2 of the Inner Circle in Vegas features Elvis.  They're drinking on a roof spoofing The Hangover.  I've got $1 that says Sammy gets left on the roof.  We cut to the next morning and the hotel room in trashed.  Sammy's in a fountain so I lose.  Ortiz is going calisthenics in a tank top that says bride and Hornswoggle is crying.  What in the name of sweet goodness was that?  All this leads to Jericho announcing he and Jake Hager take on SCU next week.  Oh dear lord...

Eddie Kingston comes out on commentary to hopefully save this show from itself.  Pac v Blade is up.  AEW takes this opportunity to flash Dark results.  I'd like to congratulate AEW for keeping last night's Dark to under 2 hours.  Blade tries to throw Pac into the buckle via a suplex position.  Luckily the bottom rope assisted Pac on the way down as he was headed straight down.  Pac attempted a DDT and apparently kind of sort of connected as we go to commercial.

Bruce Willis is doing Die Hard car battery commercials.  Why hasn't he been doing this all along and can I shake the hand of the ad guy in charge?

We are back and Blade and Pac are teeing off.  These two are settling into a hard hitting affair.  Big superplex by Pac.  Man, you tell this one is physical due to the welts all over Pac's body.  The Bunny and The Butcher provide enough of a distraction for Blade to get a close 2.  Pac slaps on the first Brutalizer we've seen in 8 moths for the win.  Post commercial, this match improved leaps and bounds  BTW Kingston has been gold on commentary the whole match.  Pac starts to cut a promo on Pac but Butcher attacks.  Kingston starts terrorizing Pac and Rey Fenix saves Pac but he gets beat down by the family.  Penta comes out with a chair.  He goes after Eddie!  The Death Triangle lives! 

Jade Cargill, off camera, apparently attacked Brandi Rhodes.  When we finally get there, Jade stomps Brandi's arm on a chair.  Stop.  Please.

Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb for the NWA Women's World Title is up next and I couldn't be happier to see this one, a mere three weeks after their great match on UWN Primetime Live.  It's one fall, twenty minutes.  They're obviously not going longer than that but why not say 60 minutes?  Takes a little bit of the luster from the match.   Anyway, there are a ton of questions surrounding Thunder Rosa's future and intentions. Deeb so deserves this World title recognition.  Win or lose tonight, Deeb has been one of the better comeback stories in wrestling over the last couple of years, best of 2020, as far as I'm concerned.

We've got a genuine match here.  The offense is amazingly believable.  I'm always happy when 2 wrestlers make me, even for a second, take me out of that cynical fan mode and let me enjoy what looks like genuine competition.  So we got restaurant quality picture in picture for Kip Sabian but not a world title match?  What are you going to do?  The best part of what I'm watching is that I honestly have no idea who's going to win.  Rebel comes out, provided the distraction and Dr. Britt Baker lays Rosa out on the ramp.  Power bomb by Deeb for 2.  Great series of rollups by both these women.  Deeb with the face first piledriver and she is still your NWA Women's World Champion.  Really, honestly thought Thunder Rosa was winning her title back.  Thunder Rosa goes right to work on Baker, who stayed in the front row to watch the rest of the match.  Excellent match!

Anna Jay vs. Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women's Championship next week.

Main event time as Taz joins the commentary booth.  Do managers ever go to ringside anymore.  Darby has a video where he's sitting on top of a church.  At least he didn't hurt himself doing it.  Ricky Starks and Brian Cage vs. Allin and Cody Rhodes headlines the show.  The big question on everyone's mind (besides who the hell is Jade Cargill) is will Jade Cargill strike again.  Taz is cracking Tony up running down the opposition.  I want to see another Starks vs. Allin, one on one with the TNT title on the line.  

Taz abruptly leaves the booth to go to ring as we go to picture in picture.

My problem with the TNT title situation and Cody is that, we're consistently reminded that he can't ever go for the AEW World Title.  There aren't any other title to shoot for besides the TNT title.  There's just no logical reason for him not to be in the hunt, unless he was attacked by a vicious heel to cost him that title.  

We're back and Team Taz is in full control.  I do appreciate how well AEW has brought Allin along, not just with his new championship but, if you think about it, he's always the one called upon by the tippy top guys to help them out in situations.  Cage looking like a monster at the moment.  Cage with an avalanche drill claw off the 2nd rope for the pin.  I might've completely given up if he kicked out. Team Taz with a quality win to close out the action.  Starks and Cage with a post match attack for good measure and here comes Wil Hobbs to make the save.  He poses with the FTW belt and COLDCOCKS Cody.  I rarely get to say "I was right" and maybe I was a little too early in my prediction, but Will Hobbs has joined Team Taz.  They celebrate as we go off the air.

Don't forget the Post Game Party will be up later tonight.

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