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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-18 17:10:00

Our friends at are raffling off an official ring worn Tully Blanchard black Four Horsemen ring jacket tomorrow.  Here are the official details on the raffle, which you can enter by clicking here.

On November 19th, Highspots will offer a once in a lifetime raffle opportunity for an original 4 Horsemen satin jacket, owned by Tully Blanchard. The 4 Horsemen formed in November 1985; Tully and Arn wore these satin jackets as part of their entrance attire while competing as a tag team as members of the 4 Horsemen.  They had both red and black jackets that were both worn regularly on TV.  Arn previously sold his black jacket to a private collector. Back in September, Tully Blanchard parted with his black jacket, giving us instructions to find it a good home.   Rather than it end up in the hands of a wealthy collector, we wanted to make this fun for all Horsemen fans and give somebody a real chance at owning this piece of history.  Based on private offers recently received for the jacket, we think the value of this jacket is around $4000

So, here are the details for the raffle.  We are selling 85 spots to represent the year 1985. These spots will be $250 each and will include free shipping worldwide.  The drawing will be on November 19th during the Virtual Gimmick Table with JJ Dillon as the special guest that evening.

Every person that buys an entry into the raffle will receive one of the following:

  1. A 11x17” Horsemen print that is signed by Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Lex Luger, Dean Malenko, and its leader JJ Dillon
  2. An exclusive 11x17” commissioned art piece drawn by Nolaniun
  3. Being A Horsemen DVD produced by Kayfabe Commentaries (2012
  4. Four Horsemen: A Timeline History Book authored by Dick Bourne (2017)

10 of the 85 entrants will win additional “bonus” items based upon a random numbered ball drawing done live on November 19th

Drawing 1 - Signed Horsemen Turnbuckle - never previously sold

Drawing 2 - Signed Ric Flair Turnbuckle (Black) - Previously sold for $430

Drawing 3 - Signed 4 Horsemen 16x20 photo signed by Ric/Tully/Arn/JJ/Ole - Sold for $150

Drawing 4 - Signed Erik Hodson "cartoon" 4 Horsemen signed by Ric/Tully/Arn/Barry/JJ – Previously sold for $109

Drawing 5 - 7 Individual Promos signed by Ric, Tully, Arn, Barry, JJ, Lex, and Dean Malenko - Valued at $150

Drawing 6 - Jakks Pacific Hall of Fame 2012 Four Horsemen Figure Set signed by Ric, Arn, Barry, and Tully - Valued at $400

Drawing 7 - Signed Ric Flair Turnbuckle (Blue) - Never previously sold

Drawing 8 - Signed 11x17 Ric Flair Photo with Inscription - Valued at $109

Drawing 9 - Replica NWA Belt signed by Ric Flair - Valued at $400

Drawing 10 - Authentic Horsemen Jacket - Valued at $4000

Sales for the 85 entries will begin on November 8th and will remain open until the 85 spots are filled. There will be no more added spots even if it sells out immediately.

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