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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-17 22:00:00

Impact Wrestling opened with highlights of this past weekend's Turning Point PPV on Impact+.

TNA Champion Moose vs. Willie Mack - No DQ.

They start brawling right away.  Mack nailed a dropkick and several clotheslines in the corner.  He hit a cannonball in the corner, but Moose rolled to the outside.  They battled on the floor with Moose being sent into the guard rails.  Mack charged but Moose hiptossed him over the railing to the other side, crashing down on the concrete.  Moose tossed him back over the railing into the ringside area.  He sent Mack into the barricade again.  The storyline is that Moose has gotten more violent and dangerous since EC3 has pulled that side out of him at Bound for Glory.  

Moose sent Mack into the barricades again, screaming about Impact Champion Rich Swann.  He tossed Mack back into the ring and ripped at his face.  Mack made a comeback but was wiped out again with a big clothesline.  Moose stomped and worked over Mack.   He began focusing on Mack's extremities, stomping on them.  He stepped on Mack's face, but since it was a No DQ match, there was nothing referee Brandon Tolle could do.

Mack finally mounted a comeback but Moose kept kicking up.  Mack went for a Bookend but Moose battled out of it.  Mack fired back with elbow and went for the stunner but was shoved into the ropes.  He rebounded with a big right hand.  He caught Moose with a big slam and went to the top for a frog splash but Moose rolled out of the way.  Moose went for the spear but was kicked and hit with a stunner.  Moose absorbed it and speared Mack.  He covered him but instead of going for the pin, began wailing away with right hands and elbows.  Mack couldn't intelligently defend himself, so the referee called it.

Your winner, TNA Champion Moose!

Good brawl!

Moose kept working over Mack.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne looked at the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament brackets.

We go to the tree house where the Rascalz were bemoaning that they were leaving Impact.  They had flashbacks to old clips with the running joke being Trey didn't remember them. Someone turned out the lights on them.  

The Deaners asked Tommy Dreamer how the investigation was going.  Dreamer said he had narrowed it down.  He said Cody Deaner was still under investigation.  Cody told him that he might want to check Johnny Swinger's fanny pack.  Dramatic music.

Suicide vs. Gio

Gio was billed from Rockland County, NY.  They locked up and Suicide worked over his arm.  Just as they locked up, Eric Young came out with Joe Doering and sent Doering to the ring.  

Doering and Young attacked both and destroyed them.  Doering hit a sit-down powerbomb on Suicide.

Young took the ring mic and said that he knows what "you've done" and he sees the truth.  Doering will be the reason that "you can't sleep at night."  Young said that he told the world that the world belongs to us.  He and Doering stared into the camera.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo who said it was amazing to be a two-time Knockouts Champion after being here only six months.  Kimber Lee said it was amazing to see what she did to Su Yung after being attacked.  She said it's time to get a title of her own.  Purrazzo said she can have two titles if they win the tournament.  There was a weird lighting effect and everyone was confused as to what happened.  On the mirror behind them, the words NEXT WEEK UR TIME HAZ COME appeared.

Elsewhere, Heath told Rhino that he got the number of Rich Swann's physical therapist.  He's going to try and see him first chance he can.  Rhino said he would be right back and left the room.  He came across Young and Doering.  He said that he saw what happened and he knows what it's about, but it's not going to happen around here.  They jumped and beat him down, then entered the room where an injured Heath was and slammed the door.

They announced an official Impact Wrestling Cameo page.

Brian Myers vs. Crazzy Steve

Myers backed Steve into the corner but he escaped and went to work over Myers in the corner.  Myers escaped to the floor and stalled.  When he returned, Myers nailed Steve and sent him into the ring but was hit with a head scissors takedown.  Myers cut him off with an elbow and caught him with a hanging leg scissors, choking him over the ropes.  They battled to the floor, nailing each other back and forth.

Myers shoved Steve backwards into the ringpost, sending him to the floor as they went to commercial.  Myers had him trapped in a chinlock as they returned to the air.  Steve fought his way out but Myers swept his leg.  They battled back and fortu until Steve trapped Myers in a multi-limb submission attempt.  Myers was able to drape his leg over the bottom rope to force the break.

Myers caught Steve with a punch to the eye and drilled him with the running lariat for the pin.

Your winner, Brian Myers!

The Impact+ Moment of the Week featured classic Knockouts Tag Team action.

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer told Johnny Swinger that he needed to go through the fanny pack.  Swinger opened up the fanny pack and showed off the gun.  Dreamer said he was literally holding the smoking gun.  Dreamer announced that next week was the return of Wrestler's Court and it's the Boys vs.  Swinger.  DRAMATIC MUSIC.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament: Tenille Dashwood & Alisha Edwards vs. Havok & Neveah

Alisha and Neveah started off and battled back and forth.  Edwards gained control and tagged out to Dashwood, who worked her over.  Neveah started to fire back but was hit with a drop toehold into the buckles.  Dashwood nailed her splash into the corner.    Neveah was able to tag out to Havok.  Edwards tagged in and took the fight to Havok but was bounced off.  Neveah went for a wheelbarrow but Edwards turned it into a Flatliner DDT variation.  Havok cut her off with a big slam.  Neveah and Havok worked over Edwards with double-team maneuvers.  Edwards fired back with a big strike but was grabbed for a slam.  Dashwood made the save and helped sent Havok to the floor.

Dashwood sent Edwards towards Neveah and was drilled.  Neveah nailed Dashwood who ended up on the floor being consoled by Kaleb with a K.  Edwards fought back and nailed Neveah but Havok returned.  They double-teamed Edwards and scored the pin.

Your winners, advancing, Havok and Neveah!

They announced the Tournament finals will take place at Hard to Kill on 1/10/21 on PPV.

Jordynne Grace was backstage on the phone with someone and thanked her for coming next week.  She said that when she learned she was retiring she had to give it a shot.  COULD THAT BE LUFISTO?????  We'll find out next week, but I really hope so.

Hernandez vs. Fallah Bahh

Hernandez and Bahh tested their strength against each other.  Bahh nailed a big high cross bodyblock and worked over Hernandez in the corner with elbows and chops.  Hernandez nailed a slingshot shoulderblock that sent Bahh to the floor, then hit a huge dive over the top to the floor, taking Bahh out.  They returned to the ring, exchanging chops with Hernandez getting the better of the exchange.

Hernandez worked him over with shoulderblocks in the corner.  Bahh missed a charge in the corner and was wiped out with a lariat.  Hernandez ripped at Bahh's neck, twisting it to wear him down.  Bahh nailed an Avalance in the corner and hit a Samoan Drop for a two count.  Hernandez cut him off and nailed a big splash off the ropes for the pinfall.

Your winner, Hernandez!

Backstage, X-Division Champion Rohit Raju was complaining to Scott D'Amore about everyone taking his spotlight and pushed that he deserves first class flights.  He wandered away.  D'Amore said he misses the Austin Aries days.  TJP walked up.  Scott said he got screwed.  TJP said he has to do some soul searching and he has to figure out who he is these days.  Scott said that no one named TJP can get a title shot going forward.  Scott said that he wondered what would Dusty Rhodes do if he couldn't get what he wanted.  Scott was sending him a message to go under a mask and chase the title.  TJP was left considering.

They aired a video feature on The Good Brothers winning the Impact Tag Team titles over the weekend.

The Good Brothers were talking with Scott D'Amore.  Ethan Page showed up and demanded a rematch.  He said he was officially requesting a shot.  Scott said that he understands loud and clear.  Gallows was blowing it off, calling Page a nerd and a geek.  Anderson said that if Page went through a "Phenomenal" opponent, he can get a shot.  Page said he doesn't care who they line up, he'll beat the "Phenomenal" wrestler and then the North gets their title shot.  They were acting like it would be AJ Styles, but it won't be.  Scott warned them Dixie's heart was fluttering, which nearly cracked up Gallows and Anderson.

Impact Champion Rich Swann & Trey Miguel vs. Dez & Wentz

Wentz and Trey started off.    They locked up and Trey was backed into the corner.  Clean break.  They locked up again, this time with Wentz being backed up.  Clean break again.    Trey worked over Wentz's arm.  They went back and forth with lots of good back and forth grappling.  They went back and forth until going for dropkicks at the same time, then facing off.  Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne talked about how a lot of people in the back were broke up about The Rascalz leaving and based on what I have heard, that is pretty legitimate.

Swann and Dez tagged in.  They faced off.  They went back and forth with neither hitting a big offensive maneuver but showing some awesome athleticism as they battled.  Swann finally scored with a kick to the head.  Trey tagged in and they exchanged strikes.  Dez gained control.  He and Wentz hit some entertaining double-team maneuvers, scoring several two counts.  After they returned from commercial, Trey was battling Wentz in the ring.  He nailed a head scissors takeover but Wentz rebounded off the ropes into a handspring elbow.  The Rascalz continued to work over Trey in the corner.

They continued to work him over.  Wentz nailed Trey with a DDT.  Swann finally scored the tag and hit Rolling Thunder on Dez for a two count.  Swann and Trey double-teamed Wentz.  Swann nailed a running shooting star press for a close two count.  All four recovered and embraced, then continued battling with a series of right hands and then kicks.  Everyone went for superkicks at the same time and wiped each other, crashing down to the mat.

Wentz and Swann battled back and forth with strikes.  Dez interceded and they double-teamed Swann.  Wentz nailed a double stomp.  They nailed the high-flying flame on Swann but Trey made the save.  Trey trapped Wentz in the corner and superkicked him to trap him but from that position, Wentz superkicked a charging Trey.  They battled in the corner.  Dez went for a German suplex out of the corner.  Swann hit him with a splash after he crashed down but Wentz superkicked the hell out of Swann to break it up.  Swann looked like he was out of it.

Wentz and Dez double teamed Swann but Trey made the save.  Swann nailed a big kick to the back of Dez's head and covered him, scoring the pin.  He immediately embraced Dez while Trey embraced Wentz.  Everyone was in tears.

Your winners, Rich Swann and Trey Miguel!

As Dez recovered, Trey and Wentz cried as they sat in the ring.  Miguel kissed Wentz on the forehead.  Swann and Dez joined their embrace.  Swann helped Dez to his feet. Everyone raised each others' arms.  All of them were broken up.

The Rascalz hung their jackets on the ring ropes and left them there, saluting them goodbye and heading to the back.  They stopped at the stage and did their Rascalz wave before heading to the back.  Really nice moment.

Backstage, they all embraced.  Swann joined them and thanked them for a killer last match.  Someone threw a trash can at them.  Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan attacked everyone and beat the hell out of them.  Callihan told them goodbye and held Swann for Shamrock.  Shamrock worked him over with a right hand.  Sami told him to dress nice because he has a date with Shamrock next week.

The cameras focused on the Rascalz, beaten down and faded out.

Next week:

*Impact Champion Rich Swann vs. Ken Shamrock.

*Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament continues.

*Johnny Swinger in Wrestler's Court.

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