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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-19 10:00:00

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I haven't seen anything of late on the Randy Orton tattoo lawsuit related to the WWE video games.  Any update?

There is a trail date set for 2/21/21, so until that begins, I don't believe there will be any updates, unless the two sides come to a settlement.

 I'll ask the obvious question, how awkward of a position is the already highly underused Aleister Black in now?

Well, it's never good to be working for the place that fired your wife, so I'd say that's pretty awkward.  Is it possible the company will stop using him or bury him because of the reaction to the Vega release?  It's possible.  It would be pretty obvious to everyone if that happens.  We will have to see how it plays out.

Where is Bo Dallas/Rotunda? Was he released along with Curtis Axel?

Dallas is still under contract to WWE, but hasn't been used in some time.  It's possible the company is keeping him out of sight in order to debut him with a new look or character down the line.  Given how great he was during his NXT run, certainly they could get more out of him than they have in recent years.

Where is Curtis Axel?

He was doing signing appearances over the weekend in the New York area, but hasn't returned to the ring since his release this past April.

Is there a certain moment(s) of onscreen wrestling history that you wish would be scrubbed out of existence? Whenever I'm reminded of the whole "DX doing blackface" bit from the late '90s, it immediately grosses me out and I don't think it's worth the Attitude Era "nostalgia factor" to keep it on any video archive.

I have conflicting views on this.  As someone who appreciates the history of the business, I really don't want anything scrubbed out of existence.  I think it's important to maintain everything as it "was" as much as possible for those who want to see it, but it's equally important place it within the context of the time period in which it was produced.  If you don't want to watch it, no one is forcing anyone to do so.

That said, I don't think any of that material should be promoted or exploited.  I think the way WWE handles the Chris Benoit content, which is that it is there for fans who wish to events in their complete form, they are available, yet they don't allow for Benoit's name or content to be searched for - nor do they promote that it is there.  In my mind, that is how they should handle content that is controversial or outdated by today's standards.

How's Perry Saturn lately? His life's had a weird, sad trajectory over the last several years and I hope that he's doing okay.

The last I heard, he was living in Iowa.  He hasn't been around the wrestling business, that I am aware of, since he appeared on the Legends of Extreme series that I hosted on the Highspots Wrestling Network a few years ago.  Obviously, we hope he is doing well.

I saw you mentioned on the No Name Show Chilly Willy of ECW fame is now living in The Phillipines.  Were you kidding?

No, not at all.  William Jones aka Chilly Willy now resides in The Philippines and has been training potential talents there.

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