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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-17 10:01:00

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What would be the pros and cons of WWE stars or professional wrestlers in general starting a union?

Obviously the pros would be more security and better contracts from WWE.  The “we have come to terms of the release” nonsense would be gone, or at least lessened, depending on the deal.  The talent would have more security and could negotiate collective so things like WWE taking Twitch accounts away would have to be agreed to by the sides, meaning compensation.  Right now, everything is in WWE’s favor.  I can’t think of any con from the talent perspective.

Is there a reason, every week, around the exact same time, between 9:25 and 9:35 pm AEW Decides this is the time for the women's division segment? It's predictable formatting and shows a lack of thought put into the division.

I honestly never noticed so I can’t comment but if they do that every week, they probably have a reason for it.

Reading your season premiere question, I never got that either. But I did think that if ever there was a time of year you could consider their season premiere, it was the day after WrestleMania where everything has come to a head and new stories often begin. Would you agree?

Absolutely!  Mania is supposed to culminate the WWE year and the Raw after is supposed to start the next year.  It’s a perfect time for a season premiere.

Can you provide some context as to why WWE changes some finishers from some Indy guys and not others?

WWE looks at the finishers and decides if it fits in what they do, whether someone else is using it and also looks at safety concerns.  That is usually the criteria, though if someone comes in with a reputation and a pedigree that is known, that goes into the process as well.

Also, is there a reason that we haven’t seen Andrade since the draft?

As far as I know, it’s just waiting for a new program to put him in.  Also, his fiancee Charlotte Flair has been taking time off after surgery so he could also be spending some time with her.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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