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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-16 10:00:00

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What’s with AEW having people debut/appear in awkward segments with Cody?  Jade, Butcher & The Blade, etc?  It seems like if Cody is in the ring there’s a good chance he’ll be interrupted by someone the average fan doesn’t know!  I really want AEW to succeed, but they do these awkward segments far too often!

Well, don’t forget Kip Sabian had his best friend.  OK, maybe you can forget that.  I hear ya, AEW should do some better work on debuts.

With so much said about Gorilla Monsoon's announcing career, what are your brief thoughts on his work as a pro wrestler?

They will be brief because honestly, I never watched much of his work. I am not that old.  From what I heard he was pretty agile for his size.  I did love him as an announcer.

Could you please help me with a question that has been baffling me for a couple of months now? Why has WWE not made a single on-air mention of Sasha Banks appearing in The Madalorian? It seems to me that they try and milk the smallest appearance of any superstar doing anything outside of wrestling, yet here they have a top star appearing on the largest worldwide show going right now and not a peep out of them. This has to be more than mere oversight or stupidity, right?

It’s all about what they can get out of it.  Disney is not a corporate partner of theirs so there’s nothing there.  Sasha appeared under her real name, not “Sasha Banks”, so there is nothing there.  So at the end of the day, my guess is that they didn’t see anything in it for them to promote it.

Did Tony Khan take it too far in his promotion of this weeks Dynamite and in particular his ‘the balance of power will shift tonight with massive surprises’ statement before the show? I’ve come to know Khan will say some things such as ‘Episode 4 of Dynamite was the wrestling tv show of all time’ and ‘Lance Archer is now the most talked about name in wrestling’ and give it a pass mainly as he says them post event. But… to promise fans something of that magnitude and it end up being the return of PAC, who was announced ONE WEEK PRIOR as returning just seems a really cheap way of keeping people tuned in, and I (and looking online lots of others) feel really short changed by that.

I totally agree with you.  It was a Dixie Carter like mistake IMO.  What made it worse was him hearing the criticism and then doubling down with his tweets after the show.  It did seem like a play to get people to watch the show and if that was the intention, they were barely up from the week before, and also had the benefit of it being a post PPV episode.  If I were Khan, I would go back to tweeting after the fact. 

Who is in charge of the Roman Reigns storyline? It seems like Heyman like but he’s out of creative ain’t he? Whoever it is they are doing a fantastic job. No co-incidence that Smackdown ratings are holding steady if not increasing. 

At the end of the day, you have to give credit to Bruce Prichard and Vince McMahon.  If we criticize them for the bad creative, we have to credit them for the good.

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