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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-14 10:00:00

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How is it that WWE didn't once promote Sasha Banks was on the Mandalorian this week?

Well, given that she was billed under her real name in the credits and not as Sasha Banks, my gut feeling is that she booked it outside of their auspices, plus Disney is not a broadcast partner for the company, so it's not going to get the attention a FOX or NBC Universal series featuring a WWE performer would get.  That said, WWE's website did promote when she appearance in the initial trailer for Season Two of the series.

How did she get the role?

Sasha Banks did an interview and said her appearance in this YouTube video caught the attention of Producers:

I know you are a massive Star Wars fan, so what did you think of her appearance?

Well, she was playing support to Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan Kryze but obviously Banks looked like a complete badass in the Mandalorian armor.  It was more of an introduction to who she is as opposed to a big epiosde about her character.  Honestly, I have no idea whether she is a Star Wars fan or not, but watching it, my first thought was that she gets to have a major wish fulfillment that millions of people wish they could have - she's literally getting to be in Star Wars galaxy, so I was thrilled for her.

I watched it but I don't understand what was really going on - who was she exactly?

She was playing Koska Reeves, one of several Mandalorian warriors who was loyal to Bo-Katan, the former leader of Mandalore, a planet that the Empire had purged years ago, leading to the different Mandalorian tribes to disperse across the galaxy.  In the episode, they were taking back weaponry that riches from their planet had been used to bankroll the purchase of.  There is a larger story at play, in that an Imperial leader had possession of the Dark Saber, a weapon that Mandalorians believe entitles the person who possses it to rule.  How Bo-Katan lost it remains to be told, but she is seeking the person who holds it, a villain named Moff Gideon, who viewers of the series saw with the Darksaber in the end of season one.  So, we'll likely see Banks again in the series down the line.

Where does this fall into the story of the movies?

This series takes place five years after Return of the Jedi aka Star Wars Episode 6, so 25 or so years before the most recent Star Wars sequel trilogy.

If WWE owns the action figure rights to Banks, could she get a Star Wars figure?

Sure, it wasn't Sasha Banks in the series, plus her character does wear a helmet that covers her face, so they could easily create one - I'd be shocked if they don't.

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