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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-13 10:00:00

Is NWA, owned by Billy Corgan, on its death bed? I only ask because all titles have recently changed hands on UWN shows except for the World’s Championship carried by Nick Aldis.

No, they are not on their deathbed unless Corgan decides to shut down, which we haven't heard any talk of.  The promotion hasn't run in months due to the pandemic and it would be silly to think their show would have the same energy without the intimate studio audience.  Dave Marquez works for the NWA, so there's a relationship with his UWN promotion, so they've entered into a partnership that sees NWA talents and titles pop up.   I would advise patience.

Were there ever any books written about the AWA?

There hasn't been a book specifically about the AWA's history but there are some record books and the late Larry Nelson wrote a book about his career "Stranglehold" which in wrestling, was the AWA.  I'd like to see Greg Gagne write a book.

Who is the lead writer for Smackdown?

Ed Koskey is believed to be the lead writer but everything flows upward through Bruce Prichard and Vince McMahon, obviously.

Does Del Wilkes (the Patroit) own the trademark rights to the name the Patroit? Can anyone use the name as their own without his permission? Could he sue?

I don't know what Wilkes owns the rights to the name but he certainly was the first person to portray the Patriot. To me, if Wilkes wanted to sue someone over using the character, he could but whether it's financially worth his time to do so is another story.  Since he hasn't to date, I don't believe he will.

Where is Alicia Fox?

She has retired.



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