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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-10 12:10:00

There has been a lot of talk internally over the last week that the company will be reviving Tribute to the Troops next month.  With the exception of 2019, Tribute has been broadcast since December 2003, the Tribute to the Troops event first began as a USO tour put together by WWE where they would bring a live event over to American troops stationed in the Middle East and tour different bases meeting with servicemen and women.   Over the years, Tribute events have been held in Iraq and Afghanistan before moving to domestic locations starting with 2010.  Since 2010, the show has evolved into a patriotic event designed to celebrate those who have entered into military service for the United States.   The Tribute events have led to WWE being honored by the USO, The Army and Air Force Exchange Program and the G.I. Combat Film Festival and other accolades.   Last year's event was not televised but took place in Jacksonville, North Carolina at Marine Corps Air Station New River.

Vince McMahon was not in attendance at this past Friday's Smackdown taping, the first taping he has missed since the Thunderdome concept was executed.  Bruce Prichard oversaw the taping.  McMahon was in attendance and running last night's Raw taping.

In regard to our report that talents met with McMahon over the edict that talents need to shut down their Twitch channels, that meeting happened on 10/29 in Stamford, CT, the day before several talents began shutting down their Twitch streams.  We are told that AJ Styles and Xavier Woods were among those in attendance at the meeting.

Since we have a LOT of emails on this, no update on where Thunderdome may be heading yet.

The next NXT Takeover will be 12/6.

Tom Phillips responded to those questioning his pronounciation of Mustafa Ali's name last night on Raw:


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