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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-09 10:01:00

Univision has divested itself of The El Rey Network, it was announced over the weekend, leaving as an investor in the cable entity, which broadcast four seasons of Lucha Underground and currently airs Vampiro Unleashed, a talk show hosted by the lucha legend.  This means network founder and film director Robert Rodriguez will continue on, operating the network independently.  What this means for the network's current and future distribution remains to be seen.

License Global Magazine covered the announced AAA-Marvel alliance at this link.  As part of the new alliance, Marvel-branded AAA wrestlers will debut at TripleMania and will also launch "new storytelling content" as well as a clothing collection, accessories and other consumer products inspired by Mexican wrestling in collaboration with different partners.  One of those partners will be Marvel Luchador Funko pops.

Note from Mike: I have to wonder whether this partnership could lead to Feld Entertainment, which holds the rights to Marvel live shows, could produce a touring event that would be a Marvel character-populated "wrestling show" putting on a self-contained show that runs nightly on tour with special effects that tells a story over those 2-3 hours.

Beyond those Funko Pops for Marvel, WWE is expected to be the only pro wrestling-centric Funko Pops going forward after several members of The Elite were released a few years ago.

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