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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-11 10:00:00

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Had Drew retained the Title, wouldn’t it make sense to have Roman vs Drew beat each other to a no contest? It would present the brands equal since not one brand would gain any advantage since neither champion beat each other and they could be presented as equals. 

It would make sense, for sure.  But it also would end the PPV on a down note.  That's the problem with doing a champion vs. champion match with no build, just because it's "that time of year".  WWE really should rethink the "all the Champions will wrestle each other" aspect of Survivor Series.

Now that Biden won the election, it's very likely that Andrew Yang will become a member of his regime.  Yang has been very outspoken about going after WWE's policy that classifies their talent as "independent contractors."  With the new position of power that Yang will have, what actual changes do you think he can accomplish if he goes all in against WWE?

Well, I am sure that in addition to rooting for Donald Trump to win because he is a personal friend, Vince McMahon was rooting for him for this exact reason.  We don't know if Yang will have a role in the Cabinet yet but if he does end up being the Secretary of Labor, it sure seems like WWE treating its employees as contractors is on his agenda.  What can he make them do?  I honestly don't know but it sure seems to me if he pursues it, WWE will have a hard time justifying that the wrestlers are independent contractors, especially in light of them taking Twitch accounts away.

Chris Jericho just turned 50.  How long do you think he can keep wrestling?

Jericho seems to have at least a few good years left in him.  It helps him that he really never stopped working so he has remained in wrestling/bump taking shape.  As a person gets older, that is important.  I think he will be around for at least a few more years as long as he stays healthy.

I know you think MITB has run its course, but which has been your favorite briefcase cash in?

I will go with Edge in 2006.  It was the first one and it meant something, plus it elevated him to the top of the card.

What is up with this season premiere nonsense? The shows are on 52 weeks a year; they don't have a season, which they ram down people's throats for years. It just makes no sense, but that's probably why I don't watch anymore and just keep myself in the loop via PWInsider Elite.  

I couldn’t agree more, it’s ridiculous to say that.  A premiere starts a new season because the old season ended.  WWE never ends.  It’s just part of their “branding” that they give us every year.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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