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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-10 10:00:00

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Even though Thunder Rosa has a contact with NWA until next year, if WWE really wanted to go after her, or any other contracted talent for that matter, could they not negotiate a buyout of her contract by essentially offering NWA a bunch of money in order to terminate her contract with them?  

Sure, everything is negotiable.

AEW told us they would be sports-based.  AEW took shots at WWE on a regular basis for being "sports entertainment".  AEW would take cute shots at WWE for doing silly things that didn't make sense or seem real.  So now AEW gives us a musical, silly things like fighting over a video game, that was being played during a live wrestling show, and a camera placed in the back of Sue's minivan when it was being destroyed.  And let's not forget the match in a dentist's office!  AEW should get credit for knowing when things are not working in the past, and doing corrections. Do you think at some point they will realize some of this stuff might be why they are not gaining viewers, and start offering us a bit more of what they told us their product would be in the beginning?  I laugh at their 50 seconds for 50+ on BTE, but maybe they should look at what the 50+ like about PRO WRESTLING.

I don’t think they need to reinvent the wheel.  To me, it comes down to good booking and character development.  If they give people characters and stories that they like, they will tune in.  Hardcore fans will watch almost anything.  Stories and storylines are what draw in the casual fans.

It seemed like every AEW match featured a few tope suicidas for a long time.  So many were being done that you could tell JR was tiring of it.  Now it seems those dives have been reduced, but we are now getting chop fests in so many matches.  Am I the only one getting tired of seeing so many chops?  WWE gets blasted, rightfully so, for so many things, but at least we don’t see the same stuff on the same night in multiple matches.

I can’t say who is tired of what but I get what you are saying, there is a double standard among some fans where AEW and WWE are concerned.

I've always wonder if having top level writers say from shows like Breaking Bad and Mr. Robot would work in wrestling.  People who have achieved greatness in storytelling on tv treating it like something that has to be interesting and compelling to viewers or it'll get cancelled.  Personally I think it could work.  Do you or is professional wrestling/sports entertainment too much of an anomaly for that to ever work?

They could absolutely work.  WWE was at its best under Chris Kreski.  Storytelling is storytelling and great TV writers know how to tell stories.

In the past I've seen you basically say, one thing that might make Vince McMahon change the way he does things would be USA or FOX demanding it.  My question is, why do you think that hasn't happened? They have to know the ratings wrestling did in the attitude era!  While maybe those kinda numbers aren't realistic now, they could surely strive for much closer than what they get.  It's hard to believe those in charge of programming at the network wouldn't at least at times think to themselves man!  This is crap!

We don’t know that they haven’t.  USA definitely has done it in the past.  It could also be that they are cutting slack since we are in the midst of COVID.  It will be interesting to see what happens when things get back to normal.

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