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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-09 10:00:00

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I see people from other wrestling sites take cheap shots at you and Mike all of the time, yet every single one of them steals the news reported on PWInsider.  Do you think that makes them jealous hypocrites and does it bother you when they say things about you and the site?

Honestly, I really don’t pay them any mind.  Is it hypocritical to attack our character and then trust our character enough to steal our work?  Yeah, I would say that’s pretty hypocritical.

In a follow up to the recent question about AEW and Jim Cornette's podcast... I'd just like to point out that much of what AEW seems to be doing is exactly what the original ECW did (with much poorer exposure and production values, etc etc) , yet, you, and most other writers on this site, hold them in such high regard. Do you think maybe you have just aged out of their demographic? (I ask this as someone who has never watched AEW, and rarely watches WWE anymore, which in particular has lost a lifetime fan over how stupid its been for years)

What they are doing that is like ECW is the violence, blood, chairshots to the head, etc.  I was on the record over 20 years ago, before CTE, as saying the chairshots to the head were bad and should be eliminated.  I said the same thing about blood, due to blood borne disease.  Where AEW is nothing like ECW, and where they lose me most of the time, is in the booking.  ECW's booking was very good to great until the last year.  AEW has had a few month period of good booking.

I’ve just finished Dark Side of the Ring and I know you’ve said before you don’t watch it, but I would like to get your take on the UWF and Herb Abrams.

He was special, no doubt.  I wasn't surprised in the least that things ended up the way that they did for him.

I know this going to sound silly but I just cannot buy into Matt Riddle and I feel it's because of his look. The fact that he wears NOTHING but short tights when he wrestles is very off putting to me. Combine that with his character and I find it very hard to get into his matches. I am aware that he is a very good worker and super over with the fans. Do you think I'm being foolish not giving the guy a chance based solely on his look?

Only you can decide what make sense to you.  I don’t see anything in his look that is egregious but we all judge things differently.

For all the talk of WWE NXT talents being mis-used on the main roster (not disagreeing), have any been used better on the main roster? The Street Profits perhaps?

I think Kevin Owens has gotten a better push on the main roster.  The Shield guys too, though they didn’t really come from NXT.  The Profits have gotten more of a push, for sure.  Not all NXT talents have been misused, only a lot of them.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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