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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-07 10:00:00

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I've heard Impact say they are in the Impact Zone, but that was in Florida and you have said they are taping in Nashville.  Which is it?

Both and neither.  They still call it the Impact Zone, but it's in a new location - Nashville.

Why does 205 Live still exist when it's half the TV it used to be (in length) and obviously, WWE is never going to expand it, tour it, etc.

Well, WWE isn't touring anything right now.  I know that they are paid a licensing fee by at least one streaming service for the series and my guess is that the show is syndicated elsewhere internationally, so if it's bringing in revenue, why wouldn't they keep it going?

Do you think if COVID-19 passes that WWE would possibly do tours of Titan Tower before they close and move?  I think they could charge $100 a person and donate the tour to Connor's Cure or something.  I just always wanted to see what it looked like on the inside.

Anything is possible, but I really don't see it happening.  My gut is that by the time there is (hopefully) a vaccine released, WWE will have moved on to their next HQ and I don't see companies in general wanting to have outsiders touring or wandering around their work spaces in the wake of the pandemic as I believe the world in general will be far more health conscious going forward.

I was wondering your thoughts on Ryan Satin going to work for FOX Sports?

No thoughts.  If that's what he wanted to do to be happy, he made the right choice for himself.  No one should have an opinion on that.

Any idea when we might see more  AWA or Smoky Mountain Wrestling on the WWE Network?

I haven't heard anything in that regard.

Where is Nailz?

I feel like we get this question 50 times a year.  I have been told he is living in Minnesota.  He's turned down numerous attempts to bring him in for wrestling conventions and signings over the years.

Who was the Towel Boy in ECW?  Whatever happened to him?  I am watching some old Fancams and it was a silly but fun gimmick.

His real name was Eric Tuttle and he did some independent wrestling post-ECW.  I believe he lives in the PA-area.

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