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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-08 10:48:00

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Is it true the same guy who played Hulk Machine later played Mr America? If so what did he do in the 20 or so years in between brother?

Yes he is.  He spent the time in between hunting for ancient treasures in Peru.

If Donald Trump loses the election, with Vince McMahon kick him out of the Hall Of Fame?

No, they are old pals. Plus, Trump wasn't inducted because he was President.  He was inducted because he was such an amazing, once in a lifetime WWE Superstar.  No one can take that away from him.

The Rock has publicly played up to the rumours he may be in line to face Roman Reigns recently. I’m pretty sure the company would love nothing more than to build to Rock vs Reigns at Wrestlemania. However, IF the match does take place, can you see them waiting for a live audience? If Wrestlemania is at The Thunderdome, but all things are pointing to, say Summerslam being in Brooklyn post Vaccine, do they hold off until then?

If it's me, there is no way I do that match unless I have a crowd in the stands.  That is a money match and I would monetize it as much as possible. 

How would the likes of DX, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin been hurt by COVID-19 no audience should this have happened in 1998. The crème always rises to the top, but even that level of talent would have been challenged. No catchphrases, no big pops etc. Do their careers follow the same path?

Every single talent has a harder time getting over in front of no crowd, it’s just the nature of the beast.  With that said, I think those talents would have probably been hurt more by the creative process that WWE has implemented today.  The over-scripting that goes on today has taken away the ability to adlib and adjust based on how the crowd is reacting.  I am super happy that the WWE Creative process was much different back then.  Who knows how it would have gone if they did things then as they do today.

I would like to know your thoughts on the Survivor Series version of this year.  I don't really see the point of doing champion vs champion, that does nothing for storyline.  The same thing as to the teams.  Why, for example, Nia Jax would care about Raw winning when she doesn't care about her teammates ?  The same goes for Styles, or Strowman.  And please, I hope we are not gonna see the "invasion" this year, where Raw superstars in red t-shirt invade Smackdown to beat up people, and vice-versa…. your thoughts ?

I agree a hundred percent.  And when you add in that a lot of the talents just switched brands, why would they care at all about their new show?  Why would a heel care about winning for his or her brand?  There is nothing on the line. To me, this is as bad of a booking trope as Money In The Bank.  Hey, it’s November so it’s time for brand superiority!  YAWN!  Due to COVID and keeping the brands away from each other, I am hoping we don’t get the attack  stuff this year.  It’s also tired and dull.

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