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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-06 10:00:00

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Is it true the same company that did the Michael Jordan documentary is working on the A&E documentaries for WWE?

Yes.  I can confirm it is 100% the same production company as they interviewed me several months ago for their Steve Austin documentary.

What does the Netflix documentary on Vince McMahon mean for the Vince movie, Pandemonium?  Any idea what the film version might have been.

My gut means that, at least for now, the feature film is sleeping with the fishes.  I read two different versions of the screenplay but haven't seen the most recent version.  You can find what I wrote about the original two versions of the screenplay at this link.

I saw a video of Hulk Hogan at his beach store in a sling - what happened?

Hogan had shoulder surgery a few months ago and I believe that video is from the period he was recovering.

When was Arn Anderson ever in the old ECW?

Arn Anderson made two appearances.  He did a run-in saving Terry Funk from Sabu and Bobby Eaton in April 1994 at the ECW Arena, an angle that was awesome.  Anderson and Funk did promos on the next several weeks of ECW TV and teamed the next month at "ECW When Worlds Collide" losing to Sabu and Bobby Eaton after Anderson turned on Funk and left him laying in the ring.  Funk then submitted to a half Boston Crab applied by Sabu.  That match, as well, was awesome.  

Useless personal note: The angle is what led to me actually attending my first-ever ECW show, which set me on the path to meeting Dave Scherer and me working here, so had it not been for Arn and Eaton coming into ECW and teaming with Funk and Sabu, I am pretty sure you'd have never heard of Mike Johnson and I'd likely be working in a completely different field.

I didn't live through WCW since I was so young but I am watching it chronoligically via the WWE Network...and they spent so much time with the build to Hogan vs. how/why did they blow the payoff so badly during the end of the Starrcade match and subsequent weeks and months? I would have assumed this led to a clear win that set Sting on his path. I mean by February no one cared and the bloom was off of Sting with nowhere to go. I am one who feels that Sting was screwed over during each of his title reigns during this title reign.

If the blame is to fall on someone's shoulders, that would be either Hulk Hogan or Eric Bischoff, depending on who is answering the question.  I've seen both blamed over the years.  According to Bischoff in his excellent book Controversy Creates Cash, Hogan felt that Sting wasn't dedicated enough to the business and wasn't in proper shape, thus it would be a mistake to switch the belt.  Then, as if by magic, Nick Patrick's "fast count on Sting", which was designed specifically to play off of the Montreal screwjob so Bret Hart could save the day, was incredibly slow, so now Sting looked like a moron who got pinned clean and Bret Hart looked like a jerk who screwed over the heel - Hogan!  Since Bischoff was in charge of the entire company and didn't dole out any punishment to anyone responsible for the screwy end of the biggest show in the history of the entire company, one could argue (and perhaps Eric would disagree with this) that that night, WCW was set on a downward spiral that led to such wonderful ideas as killing the Goldberg streak, the one finger Kevin Nash-Hulk Hogan finish before 40,000 paying fans and other terrible things.  While others had a hand in killing WCW and the shotgun to the chest was the AOL-Time Warner merger, creatively, the first major crack in the dam was that Starrcade finish.  They primed the fans for a big moment and just did not deliver.

What did Rick "The Model" Martel put in his Arrogance bottle? Was it real cologne or just water?

It was water, although the announcers and performers would act as if it was cologne.

Whatever happened to legendary referee Tommy Young? I remember seeing a clip showing him becoming injured to the point he was forced to retire. Is he still a referee? What's the latest on him?

Tommy Young still lives in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and appears at legends conventions, but beyond that, is outside of the business.

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