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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-04 10:00:00

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I know we have to wait and see how it plays out but do you think AEW is doing a disservice to MJF by saying he kinda reminds of Jericho do lets go that direction instead of building up his own obnoxious character?

I know AEW fans love it but I have not enjoyed the angle at all.  Why would MJF want to be in the group?  He wants to be a top guy he should just be trying to win the Title.  There is no logical reason he would want to play second fiddle to Jericho.  It could be a plan that all of the other guys are pretending to hate him to get rid of Jericho but that is Russo like to me.  And that doesn’t even get into the song and dance act.  I would rather see MJF go it on his own.

Does AEW have a concussion protocol in place? And if not, why not. Twice recently, wrestlers were clearly unable to continue but the match went on anyway. Are they waiting until they get somebody killed?

They say that they do but it sure as hell didn’t look like it when Alex Reynolds was laying prone in the ring, or when Matt Hardy was allowed to continue to work against Sammy Guevara.  At best, they need to tighten it up because they have had a few bad incidents thus far.

UPDATE: I wrote this column on Sunday.  Since then, Mike Johnson has interviewed Tony Khan for the site and he said, "We've been recently doing everything we can to work on our protocols and make this as safe as possible work environment. I've added another independent neurologist to the staff. We've added an independent doctor at all the shows in addition to our staff medical team and we're adding extra support. I've added a two-way feature where the referees can talk back to us if there are injuries so that the referee, you know, not all communication is going one way, and I've encouraged the referees to let us know what's going on."  You can read the entire interview at this link.

I don't have an issue with Randy winning the title, I do have an issue with Drew facing him three times in three months for the title when he is the champ. Randy only has to win once the risk is all on Drew facing someone he's already beaten in title defenses twice now. At least once I would have liked for Drew to say we have issues yes but as far as the title goes you've had your chances. My question is if Randy moves on to someone else does Drew look foolish because Randy baited him and it worked?

I just look at it like Drew is being a man and accepting the challenge.  Plus they gave him plenty of reasons as to why he lost, so it kept him strong.  With that said, Orton’s work has been great of late and let’s not forget, there is a match with Roman Reigns waiting in a few weeks.  I would rather see Orton do the job to Reigns, who I don’t see losing, and save Drew from that.  So I am fine with how they booked it.

I’m a big AEW fan and also love listening to Jim Cornette’s podcast. Personally i enjoy the product for the many reasons they are different from WWE (tv 14, unscripted promos, blood in violent matches, no sitcom writers, etc), but when I listen to Jim Cornette critique the shows he makes very good points on why the masses won’t take the show seriously and they won’t get many more viewers than they have (lot of their guys not looking like wrestlers, guys doing “outlaw mud show” things, the matches with so many spots, Orange Cassidy’s shtick, etc). Is Jim Cornette just too old school or do us fans think AEW is better than it is?

Well, you said Cornette makes “very good points” so I don’t see how you can then ask if he is too old school.  Jim has his view of AEW, much of which I agree with.  Are we too old school?  I don’t think so.  I just think we like different aspects of wrestling than some AEW fans do.  Wrestling fandom is subjective.

With Dark Side of the Ring being renewed for Season 3 and the episode listings not being released yet as of me writing this and assuming it will be 10 episodes, is there 2-3 that you personally would like to see them cover?

Nope, not a thing.  I am not a fan of the negativity of the show so I don’t even watch it.  Plus, I lived through and covered everything that they have done shows on so I already know everything that they do shows on.

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