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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-03 10:00:00

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With how bad Retribution has been, and I can't believe "creative" thinks having them lose every match is on the right track, I have to ask this... Was this always the original plan all along using NXT wrestlers? I am really starting to wonder if they originally planned to have returning stars who were released in April to be part of it.  Used stand ins during the original attacks but weren't able to resign the released wrestlers.  Then put the current members with awful names to put an end to it.  I know this sounds like poor planning from a big company but I think this is the only logical thing I can come up with.

No, this was pretty much the plan from the start.  Don’t try to use logic to make logical sense of WWE creative.

What are the chances Miz cashes in his briefcase at Survivor Series against Randy Orton. The date is actually the 10 year anniversary from when Miz cashed in previously against Orton and it was in Orlando too. Seems like it would make for a good story. Orton could be out after a beating from Roman Reigns and Miz seizes his opportunity against Orton like he did exactly 10 years earlier.

I could see them doing it but if so, I hope that Miz fails.  He is a mid card guy now and I hate the MITB trope on a good year, and really hate it this year with the way Otis won it and then the stupid court segment that got it to Miz.  To me, this is a year where the cash in should fail.

Do you think AEW is relying too much on battle royals, multi team tag matches, multi competitor matches, and mini tournament to decide #1 contenders for their titles or to jumpstart new feuds? They have only been in business for a year and have had many of these style matches with #1 contenders stipulations.

I do indeed.  In fact, Mike Epsenhart and I talked about this subject in great detail on Saturday’s FMB show.  The booking has gone Russo heavy to me, stipulations on everything.  Like take the Young Bucks.  They already have a Title match with FTR.  It makes no sense for them to put the stipulation on that they did when they already had the match. You do that when the heel WON’T give you the match.  So yes, I agree with you.  The booking is to hot shotty for my tastes.

How did Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Bayley change the perception of women's wrestling in the WWE other than having great wrestling ability?

They came along at a time with Paul and Stephanie Levesque saw the importance of treating women as the equal of the men.

What are your opinions on Kacy Katanzaro's time in NXT? Do you see any kind of push for her in the future? What about a possible call up?

I think she is early in her journey and learning.  She is freaky athletic so I think she has a chance.  I think it’s too soon to call her up though.  She has learning to do in NXT.

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