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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-30 10:00:00

Where is Jonathan Coachman? Is he still with WWE? Is there a reason he hasn't been on TV for the past 2~ years?

Coachman is still with the company and most recently, was seen on the company's PPV Kickoff Shows.

Do you think 2K could ever release a videogame specifically about WCW or ECW?

They would have to negotiate the rights with WWE, but certainly they'd be able to. Whether WWE would want to sign off on such a game remains to be seen. I don't know how such a potential game would sell, but it'd be cool to see the final product. I'd love to play the Wargames!  ECW would lend itself to a "Grand Theft Auto" type game where you run around Philly as well.

I am watching Wrestlewar '89 and The Great Muta was supposed to wrestle Junkyard Dog but instead he faced some guy named Doug Gilbert. Where was Dog and who is Gilbert?

My guess is that JYD ended up no-showing as he was gone from the company about that time and his personal issues are well documented. Doug Gilbert is the son of Southern star Tommy Gilbert and the brother of the late Eddie Gilbert. He's probably best known as portraying the Dark Patriot in GWF and ECW. He had a nice run in Memphis and in Japan as well.

Whatever happened to Chris Adams?

Sadly, Chris Adams passed away in October 2001 after he was shot by a friend who was defending himself when Adams went into a rage while they were drinking. The friend was acquitted of all charges related to the shooting. A documentary about Adams' life "Gentleman's Choice" was later released.

I decided to rewatch all the Legends of Wrestling roundtables, from the beginning, so I could hear him  all those great stories again. Isn't the WWE doing the fans & the legends a disservice by not doing any new Legends Roundtables and not showing us the old Crockett, Mid-South, etc. footage they have on the WWE Network? For Dusty, Roddy and all of us who grew up watching them and their contemporaries, I think WWE should open the vault a lot wider.

I agree with you 100%. I'd love to see WWE invest in filming an entire new round of Legends Roundtables. If they shot 12 episodes a year and released them once a month, it would be perfect and probably, pretty cheap to produce.

Whatever happened to AWA announcer Larry Nelson?

Nelson, real name Larry Shipley, sadly passed away in 2014 from pancreatic cancer. He did release an autobiography "Stranglehold" about a decade before, if you are interested in more on his time in the business.  I know the book is still on sale on


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