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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-29 10:00:00

There seems to be reports floating around that Thunder Rosa has signed with WWE.  Is this true?

100% inaccurate.  Thunder Rosa is under contract with the NWA until the last quarter of 2021.    She has not signed anywhere else.

What the hell was Mia Yim doing on Monday?

What she was booked to do.  She wrote on Twitter, in character, that she felt she was possessed.

What's a worse stable? Retribution or Aces & Eights?

Aces & Eights was WAY better.

Considering how horrendously this Retribution angle's gone since Day One, do you think WWE will try to pull a Nexus and kill it off at Survivor Series? Or do think the addition of Mustafa Ali may salvage this thing?

The original idea was to do Retribution vs. a WWE Team at Survivor Series, but that is obviously no longer in play.  I think WWE will use it the same way they used the Corre and The Nexus, a group that started out with promise that eventually dies off because of poor creative.  I had hopes that they'd use the Mustafa Ali turn as a way to really get behind him and have him mean more, but it instead feels like he'll end up meaning less, which really sucks.

Do you think it would be wise for WWE to yank Matt Riddle off the air now that he has an actual lawsuit filed against him for sexual misconduct?

WWE protocol is to only do that if there are criminal charges filed against a talent.  A civil lawsuit is a very different matter.

If the Thunderdome leaves Orlando, where do you see it going?

If they continue it, it'll go somewhere in Florida so talents who reside there can drive and WWE can still operate under the State's current guidelines, which are pretty much, hey, go do what you want!

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