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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-25 16:49:00

The belief on Heath Miller is that he likely suffered a hernia while performing during the Call Your Shot Battle Royal.  There is no word how long he will be out of action.  Between Miller and Kylie Rae, Impact's creative team was working until early this morning on re-working this week's TV taping plans.

In regard to Kylie Rae, sources confirmed that she traveled to Nashville as scheduled and her not working the PPV was a very last minute decision.  In fact, they received word so late she would not be appearing that the company decided not to comment or acknowledge the issue out of respect to Rae.  No one has been willing to go on record regarding the situation but we are told she is still with the company and is in good standing and is expected to return when she is able.    She has been very well regarded by everyone she's worked with since debuting for Impact.  She was not injured.

The Alex Shelley injury angle at the PPV was due to a legitimate issue.  

Tommy Dreamer worked the Call Your Shot Gauntlet in a lot of pain due to a broken tooth.

Swoggle and Shawn Daivari are at today's TV taping. 

James Storm is not there today, but is expected to be at tomorrow's TV taping.

Impact's next tapings are slated for the week of 11/17 in Nashville, TN.

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