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By Dave Scherer on 2020-10-28 10:00:00

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Instead of WWE doing a draft every year to "Shake Things Up," do you think it be better off to allow the wrestler's to appear on whichever brand they choose & only allow certain titles to be defended on a certain brand? Since Roman Reigns is the Universal Champion on Smackdown he can only defend the title on Smackdown or PPV. He can appear on Raw & be called Universal Champion, but the belt can't be defended there.

Honestly?  I really don’t think it will matter because the booking is the reason that very little that they do resonates.  They can take the best ideas and make them dull so until they fix that, I really don’t think minor changes matter that much.

So what is the point of Retribution again?  They lose to the Hurt Business and then get taken out by 1 person, albeit the Fiend.  I am sure they are hoping that Triple H pulls them back to NXT at this point.

I have nothing.  I literally don’t.  It was such a stupid booking decision.  They they give them a leader, and then job them out. Wonderful.

How is it that WWE has botched and made Braun Strowman a nobody? Big tall strong guy who could be a wrecking machine instead he’s a nobody. All they had to was have him dominate the WWE win the title. And dominate and squash everyone for a year or more and look unstoppable until someone finally beat him and boom you just created a brand new star but instead he’s a nobody.

I am sensing a theme here.  Bad booking!  I am with you, Strowman has everything that the Vince of 20 years ago would have salivated over.  Now?  I just can’t explain it.

Simple question. Has Ricochet EVER done a move on either offense or defense that was not a spot? Performers like him are now the norm and the reason I rarely watch anymore. He has never from the few times I could make myself watch done anything that resembles ring psychology. It is strictly spot after spot after spot.  There is something to be said for leaving them wanting more.

Yes, he has, but I get your point.  Storytelling within matches doesn’t happen as much as it should.

Regardless of whether you think he’s innocent or guilty, how can the WWE use Matt Riddle as prominently as they are, right now, given everything that’s happened with him lately, not to mention the fact it’s gotten a decent amount of mainstream attention?

Apparently they have done an internal investigation and feel confident that he hasn’t done anything wrong.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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