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By Dave Scherer on 2020-10-27 09:59:00

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I personally think Impact Wrestling has the best national TV product right now. The storylines are well-written, logical, tight, and for the most part, fresh. The characters are compelling and all feel unique. There is a mix of older and familiar faces in with "newer" faces. Every match means something and is tied to a storyline, rival, championship, etc. And watching it doesn't feel like a choir or like my intelligence is being insulted. Yet, nobody is talking about Impact. It's all WWE and AEW, whether good or bad. What will it take for either Impact to change the views of the fans, or the fans giving Impact another look? Is Impact scorched Earth from the previous management and loss of top stars? 

I can’t speak to whatever everyone talks about but we talk about them.  I think the reason that they don’t get the buzz that AEW and WWE do is twofold.  One is the sins of the past, which is a shame because it doesn’t affect the current team.  Two, AXSTV isn’t as widely available as USA, TNT and FOX.  That makes a difference.  But I agree with you, Impact is usually a good show each week.

If the Royal Rumble comes around, and protocols are still in place as they are now, how do you think the WWE will play out the actual rumble match(es)? I don't know what and if there is still a max amount of people allowed to gather at one time rule in Florida. But say there is, or if they aren't in the Amway Center by that time, do you think the Rumble will be pretty small in terms of people in the match? With four refs on each side of the ring to check the floor and the announcers sitting at ringside, that's not a lot of open slots.

At this point I don’t see it being an issue. For one thing, Florida is the wild west of COVID and is allowing business as normal.  As for WWE, they test all of the talents so as long as they come up clean, they don’t have to make any changes to what they want to do.

I was reading the WWE tag title question and I needed to follow up on it.  You really don't think it would be better to have one set of tag champs that can travel from show to show? Kinda similar to the Women's tag titles? It would at least create a loophole of having someone on a different brand.  This would make the tag titles stronger and maybe mean something.

One, it doesn’t matter what I think.  It matters what Vince thinks.  Could one tag team going on both shows work?  Sure.  But again, the tag team division isn’t a focus for WWE so I don’t see having one set of champions really mattering.

We all know of Vince McMahon's dislike of the word "hospital," yet there was a tweet by the official NXT Twitter account saying Bobby Fish was sent to a "local hospital."  Who in the company is responsible for the official WWE Twitter accounts, and will they face any repercussions if they don't edit the tweet to say "local medical facility" before Vince catches wind of the use of one of his most despised words?

The standards are different from WWE and NXT.  They use fewer of Vince’s buzzwords in NXT so it’s all good.

What show do you watch typically watch first for Wednesday nights: AEW Dynamite or WWE’s NXT? Do you watch live, flip back and forth or record one for a different day?

In the beginning, I watched NXT first and AEW the next day.  Then for a few months earlier this year, I enjoyed AEW more and watched that the day of and went to NXT the next day.  Now I am back to NXT as AEW just hasn’t been doing it for me lately.  Nope, I don’t go back and forth.  I watch the entire shows uninterrupted.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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