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By Dave Scherer on 2020-10-26 10:00:00

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Chris Jericho said that since the dinner segment got ratings that they won.  Thoughts?

People also gawk at car accidents but that doesn’t mean they are a good thing.  We shall see.  It could be he is right.  It could be people watched because they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.  It could be a mix of both.

Vince McMahon's speech at the beginning of the first Smackdown after 9/11 remains a powerful moment in history.  When the time comes when we finally put COVID behind us and fans are back in arenas at full capacity, if it was up to you, what would the first segment of the first WWE show be?

9/11 was a one time attack on America.  The pandemic is an ongoing war, for lack of a better term.  It probably won’t have a definitive end date.  There will be a first show back in front of fans, but will it be a full house?  A distanced arena?  I don’t know yet.  So if it’s me, the first segment would be a “welcome back, we missed you, you are the show” kind of segment to get the fans fired up.

Would you consider what Hulk Hogan and the Rock did at Wrestlemania 18 - flipping heel and face roles by reacting to the whims of the live audience - a double turn? Considering the mammoth success of Bret Hart - Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13, why don't we see more double turns? We don't want to overexpose double turns, but why doesn't WWE book at least one high profile, double turn program per year?

We don’t see more double turns because the ones that work really have to happen organically.  The fans have to make them happen.  Plus with WWE refusing to change booking when the fans demand it, that is an issue as well.

As a lover of tag team wrestling, it pains me that WWE has 2 World Tag Team Champions - with barely 3 established teams to vie for BOTH sets of titles. Heresy! Would you prefer a title unification for the Raw and Smackdown World Tag Team titles and have the champions defend across both brands to make the belts and the division to mean more? Also, if WWE can build and sustain enough viable teams to support 2 sets of tag belts, would you prefer unifying the Raw and Smackdown World Tag Team titles and adding a second tier tag team belts (Ex: Intercontinental Tag Team Champions) that also travel between Raw and Smackdown. I believe with 2 sets of belts in a hierarchical structure like the singles division, tag teams would have a longer journey to the top. Thus, good tag teams would last much longer. Your thoughts?

WWE has two brands, for TV purposes, so both get champions.  I am fine with that.  With that said, tag team wrestling isn’t high on the priority ladder for WWE so I don’t see them adding more Titles.  Vince McMahon isn’t big on the journey for the tag champs.

After watching "the dinner", has Jericho lost all rights to mock WWE's creative?

It depends on who you ask, honestly.  To me?  Absolutely because that WAS a Vince McMahon type of segment.  To AEW fans?  They would say no way, that was brilliant super greatness.  It all depends on your perspective.

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