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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-25 00:11:00

Heath Miller suffered an injury during his first minute in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match during last night's Impact Wrestling PPV.

When Miller hit the ring, he nailed a neckbreaker on Bryan Myers, then hit a knee strike on Adam Thornstowe of Reno Scum.  After hitting the mat, Miller was in pain, but delivered another knee to Luster the Legend but was wobbly on his legs and grabbed the ropes for balance.    He worked the remainder of the Battle Royal before the final two competitors came down to Rhino and Sami Callihan.

While it first appeared to have been a knee issue, the belief now is it may have been a groin or abdomen tear.  Miler is currently waiting for a diagnosis.

Miller later tweeted a photo and an apology from a hospital bed:

There is no word on the extent of the injury or how long he may be out of the ring.  As of this writing, Miller is still hospitalized.

This is a developing story and will be updated as necessary.

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