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By Dave Scherer on 2020-10-24 10:00:00

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Dave, you have said multiple times in the q and a how you think turning Roman heel was pointless as the WWE needs baby face top stars. I don’t disagree but can you really argue that Roman is much more interesting since his ‘turn’ as compared to his Cena-Light version they’ve been having him do since he became a top guy? He was getting boo’d mercilessly during his entrance and fans genially didn’t want to see him on top. Now he’s a ‘heel’ and the general consensus seems to be that most fans dig what he’s been doing. So isn’t whether he’s a ‘face’ or ‘heel’ irrelevant if the majority of fans are more entertained and invested in what he’s doing?

He is a super talented guy and he is doing a great job in his role.  With that said, he could have done a great job in the babyface role as well if he were given better verbiage and stories to work with, and while he was getting booed years ago, that had largely stopped after he returned from his cancer treatment.  I don’t have any issue with Roman, the talent.  My issue, as usual, is with WWE creative.  But I agree, he is doing a great job in the role he is in now.

Has there been any word on AEW's "Blood 'n Guts" WarGames match? Or do you think they're going to hold off until crowds are a thing again?

Last I heard yes, that is the plan.  Wait until they can do it in front of a crowd.  When that will be, who knows.

Why, oh why, is Matt Hardy wrestling Sammy Guevara again? Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?

I have no idea.  With all of the things that have gone wrong in the feud they should have just ended it.  It had a finish, and now it’s back, like a bad check.

AEW was hyped as sports centric. It isn't. Stats and analytics were promised. Not even wrestler records on their site add up in a way that makes sense. Much of what Tony Khan said AEW would be, just isn't. If anything, he seems to be following Eric Bischoff's WCW blueprint, which eventually failed. When you let the "inmates run the asylum" both in the ring and in the office - EVPs are all wrestlers never having run a company close to this magnitude, and many office staffers are failures from other promotions that landed gigs due to friendships - isn't this only going to eventually end like WCW did in 2001?

You make good points.  Khan is the head booker but since the full crew has come back after the initial months of the virus, the show has changed.  Personally, I liked it better months ago. In fact, it was my favorite wrestling show for a few months.  Now?  To me it’s not what it was.  With that said, WCW was owned by the Network while this is a private company so as long as TNT is happy with the numbers (and they are), AEW should be fine.

Okay, as someone who's a lifelong pro wrestling fan and someone with a musical theater background, I gotta say that I LOVED the Jericho/MJF musical number on Dynamite. It was totally out of left field, it was ridiculous, and COVID-19 may have denied it the greater amount of production polish it could have used. But I thought it was a great, weird, creative way to get Jericho and MJF over as wildly narcissistic, flamboyant heels (and MJF has a hell of a voice, too). To me, it felt like a wrestling vignette equivalent to the Stadium Stampede match: surreal, incredibly unconventional, hilarious, and ultimately entertaining. I don't think I've ever seen a Broadway-style musical number on wrestling programming before, and a small part of me hopes it won't be the last time. What did you think?

This was a segment that people either loved or hated.  Me?  I hated it.  I personally don’t watch The Voice to see people start to wrestle out of nowhere, and I don’t watch wrestling to see HEY LADY show tunes.  I can see why you liked it and what you think it did for the two characters in your eyes.  To me?  It was ridiculous.  MJF is a top heel on the ascent and it made me laugh at him and not take him seriously.  Jericho is bullet proof but MJF isn’t yet to me.  Beyond that, as the question above stated, AEW was supposed to be about sports and being different from WWE.  To me, that was a Raw skit, albeit better than most of the skits WWE would produce.  The Stampede had its light moments but it was mostly about fighting.  That wasn’t the case with the Dinner.  My take is this, if a fan says they loved that but hates WWE booking, I find it hypocritical because the skit was the exact same thing to me.  I wouldn’t like it on either show.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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