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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-24 10:00:00

If Mustafa Ali turned heel and revealed himself to be the Smackdown hacker, can we explain why the hacker was doing things to screw with heels at the time?

The only explanation I can even try to give is perhaps, retroactively, they could say Ali was out to expose anyone he felt was a target, heel or babyface, but really, WWE isn't going to bother trying to explain that.  It was months ago and they are onto something else.

Why would WWE have Retribution get beaten and then wiped out by Bray Wyatt and THEN have Mustafa Ali issue his mission statement?

I have zero explanation.  I actually wondered if the promo was taped the week before, pulled from the show and then inserted into this week's episode of Raw, because certain things like that do happen where segments get yanked at the last second for timing issues and then are used the following week, even if they are pre-taped.

If Retribution are anti-company anarchists or whatever, why would they even fall prey to Bray Wyatt's magic disappearance act?

You bring up a good point.

Why would Raw Draft Retribution anyway, given they want to tear down the brand?

For the same reason they signed Retribution to contracts after they vandalized and attacked the company's property - there is no explanation.

Since Mercedes Martinez was moved back to NXT, do you think someone else could join Mia Yim as another female member of the group?

I could see that as a possibility, but, as you are pointing out with your questions, I think they need to build some legitimacy for the group first.

Where did the woman from The Bachelor go?

Home?  My guess is that when Angel Garza was hurt, WWE paused using Demi Burnett and they haven't continued that story yet, if they even do.


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