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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-23 10:00:00

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If WWE is able to have Wrestlemania 37 in front of a crowd, do you think they press on with AXXESS?

Unless there is a widely available vaccine for COVID-19 by the time Wrestlemania is held, my guess is WWE will have AXXESS and any similar in person meet and greet type of events paused indefinetly, as they should.

I may be in the minority, but the most entertaining thing in wrestling at the moment for me is Wrestle House. There's good character development, multiple storylines that all have continuity, great interplay between all, and is just silly fun to watch. Who has been the lead writer(s)? How much of the acting is credited to the wrestlers in terms of verbiage and delivery of their lines? Any word internally at Impact on how these sketches are doing or how they feel about them? Any word on if they will do more, as it seems this run has ended?

Wrestlehouse came about as part of a suggestion from Rosemary.  RD Evans was the lead writer for the vignettes with Tommy Dreamer making some tweaks during filming.  All of the content was filmed over a period of several days with the talents all having some leeway in how they were presented.  Interally, I was told Impact loved the content as it gave everyone a chance to show their personalities.  The door is open for more down the line and you'd have to think this was very much a "backdoor pilot" to showcase the idea in case AXS TV wanted to pick it up as its own series.  I loved the hell out of it, but would agree with some who have said it might have run a week or two long, but to me, the positives GREATLY outweighed any negatives.

I read where a group called the Insane Clown Posse was involved in wrestling in some capacity at one time. Who are the Insame Clown Posse?

Someone needs to take you to the Gathering I guess!  ICP are a rap group who have cultivated an incredible fan base. They have dabbled in pro wrestling, appearing for WWF, ECW, and WCW as well as running their own independent promotion, Juggalo Championship Wrestling. They also sued the FBI for giving their fans "gang" status.  They have been around for decades at this point.

Whatever happened to Rick Martel?

Martel is retired and living in Canada. I believe he is working in real estate and has turned down overtures to do wrestling-related appearances and interviews in recent years, feeling he has moved on.

Whatever happened to the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles?  Why does no one run there anymore.

The property was sold to a Korean religious organization that now uses it as a church. It was still standing last time I was in LA, but obviously, they aren't going to allow it to be used as a pro wrestling arena.

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