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By James Kurokawa on 2020-10-18 05:30:00

New Japan G1 Climax 30 Finals

Toru Yano, YOSHI-HASHI, Tomohiro Ishii and Hirooki Goto vs. DOUKI, El Desperado, Zack Sabre Jr. and Taichi

Taichi and Ishii start the match throwing chops and kicks.   Suzuki-Gun takes the match to the floor and attack CHAOS.   ZSJ goes after Goto’s injured shoulder with an octopus lock.   Pace picks up as wrestlers tag in and out.   Taichi and ZSJ hit Zack Mephisto on YOSHI-HASHI.   Taichi throws DOUKI on YOSHI-HASHI for the pin.  Suzuki-Gun attack CHAOS and DOUKI hits Ishii with metal pipe.   DOUKI holds the NEVER Openweight 6-man Titles.   Looks like Suzuki-Gun is issuing a challenge.

Hiromu Takahashi and Shingo Takagi vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Minoru Suzuki

Suzuki-Gun attacks immediately.   Wild fight on the floor.   They isolate Hiromu and attacks his back.    Takagi and Suzuki square off and throw wicked elbows.    They trade reversals.   Kanemaru and Takahashi tag in.   Kanemaru hits Deep Impact but Takagi stops the count.   Pace to fast to call.   Takahashi hits Time Bomb on Kanemaru for the win.   

Suzuki taunts Shingo with the NEVER Openweight Title.   They fight on floor.  Young lions try to stop the fight, but get beaten by Suzuki.

Shingo Takagi looks to be the next challenger Minoru Suzuki for the NEVER Openweight Title.

Takahashi was taunting Kanemaru with the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.   Chris Charlton said Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI may face Yoshinobu Kanemaru and El Desperado for those titles next.

Master Wato, with Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Jeff Cobb, Juice Robinson and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Gedo, Taiji Ishimori, KENTA and Jay White

Match starts fast with Wato and Ishimori.   Bullet Club isolates Wato and beat him on the outside of the ring.   Cobb tags in and uses his power give an advantage for his team.  Tanahashi and KENTA tags in and craziness ensues.   Too much to call here.   Tanahashi locks in the Texas Cloverleaf on Gedo.   Gedo taps.   

KENTA and Tanahashi have words after the match.   They tease Tanahashi wanting the briefcase for a future IWGP U.S. Heavyweight championship match from KENTA.   

They announce Wrestle Kingdom 15 at Tokyo Dome for two nights on January 4th and 5th of 2021.   

SHO and Kazuchika Okada vs. Great O-Khan and Will Ospreay, with Bea Preistley

Okada attacks Ospreay before the bell.   SHO and O-Khan pair off and start the match.  O-Khan drops SHO with chops.   Ospreay tags in and attacks SHO’s leg.   Okada tags in and hits a DDT on O-Khan.  O-Khan gets offense on Okada.   Ospreay tags in and they start brawling.    SHO tags in and beats Ospreay with elbows.   He hits three German suplexes on Ospreay.   Preistley takes out SHO’s leg.  Ospreay locks in a figure four leg lock.   O-Khan drops Okada with a Iron Claw Slam.   SHO taps out.   

Ospreay and O-Khan win.   Ospreay leaves ring saying “the worst is yet to come”.    Ominous words.

BUSHI and Tetsuya Naito vs. Yujiro Takahashi and EVIL, with Dick Togo

EVIL attacks Naito immediately from behind.   Match spills to the floor.   Total chaos.    Bullet Club focus on BUSHI.   Togo throws him into the guardrail.   Takahashi and EVIL double team BUSHI, keeping him on their side of the ring.   BUSHI tags to Naito who gets the advantage on Takahashi.   EVIL tags in and punishes Naito.   Pace picks up.   EVIL hits Darkness Falls on BUSHI and locks in a Scorpion Death Lock.   BUSHI taps out.   

Naito and EVIL had a face off.  Togo chokes Naito from behind.   EVIL hits him with Everything is Evil.   They leave Naito laying in the ring.   EVIL will be looking to regain the Double Championship during Power Struggle 2020.   

Masahiro Chono comes to the ring.   He said New Japan is leading the way in getting everyone back to recover from COVID.   He thanked the fans in attendance and said he was ready to watch a great match.

G1 Climax 30 Finals:  Kota Ibushi vs. SANADA

Ibushi’s leg is heavily taped from his prior match with Taichi.   Very carful wrestling by both men at the start.   Ibushi goes after SANADA’s arm with kicks.   They start throwing elbows and forearms.  Ibushi ducks a drop kick, but gets hit in the head by SANADA.   SANADA starts attacking Ibushi’s taped leg with a Figure four leg lock.   Ibushi powers out and fights back.   SANADA rolls to the floor and Ibushi hits a plancha.  Ibushi with a dropkick. Pace quickens.   Ibushi is holding his head.   SANADA hits a Magic Killer on the ring apron to the floor.   They trade elbows.   SANADA with another Magic Killer.    SANADA comes off the ropes and Ibushi catches him with a sit down powerbomb.   Ibushi with another sit down powerbomb for a two count.    SANADA with a dropkick to the leg.  Ibushi counters with a lariat.   Tiger suplex by SANADA.  Two count.    SANADA with a giant swing and locks in Skull End.    SANADA misses a moonsault.   Ibushi hits Bomaye.  Two count.   SANADA with a TKO.  Two  count.   SANADA with a moonsault.   SANADA goes for another but Ibushi gets his knees up.   SANADA goes for Skull End.  Ibushi reverses into a Bastard Driver.   Two count.   Ibushi with a Jumping Knee and Kamagoye.   SANADA kicks out.   Ibushi with another Kamagoye.   Ibushi pins SANADA.   

Ibushi wins his second G1 Climax in a row!

Excellent match!   Must see!   The undercard were storyline set ups for the future.   But this final match was great.   Go out of your way to see this match.

Masahiro Chono presents the trophy to Ibushi.    Ibushi waves the G1 Climax Flag.   Ibushi takes the mic and thanks the fans for attending the show.   He acknowledges Chono and Tenzan as prior G1 champions.  He says he will become IWGP Heavyweight Champion and will become God.

Stay tuned for the Road to Power Struggle.

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