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By Dave Scherer on 2020-10-20 10:00:00

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Here's a question that I've just sort of realized. Is Retribution sort of Vince’s idea of Dark Order? 

I don’t think so but even if it were, Vince would never admit it!

I read your Q&A, as I do everyday, on the 10/09 and within that there was a question “where do you think we’re going with this Roman Reigns head of the table stuff” to which Mike gave his answer. But does that question sum up that wrestling fans really can’t handle a long term storyline. The Reigns story/turn is arguably the best storyline in wrestling today, certainly it’s breath new life into Smackdown/WWE, but yet fans already want to know what the end product is. Right now, should we care what the end product is, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Isn’t it a real shame fans beg for more compelling stories but yet the second they get one, they want know the end result.  Other examples include Retribution and Underground, fans wanted the end product from the start. I don’t think a lot of people realize WWE isn’t Netflix, you can’t just watch the entire series in one night, sometimes you gotta let it play out. You don’t go into a movie, watch the first 5 minutes and skip to the end. Your thoughts?

In order, I think fans always want to speculate where a story is going.  It’s the nature of the beast.  I think that fans can indeed invest in long term storylines.  It’s WWE that doesn’t give them good ones.  That is the key, good long term storylines.  You think the above mentioned storylines are good.  Me?  I don’t.  Roman Reigns as a heel?  Why?  The company is in dire need of top babyfaces, and they turn him.  I don’t get it.  I am not a fan of the story either.  Retribution and Raw Underground?  The former makes no sense since we know many of the people in the group from another WWE show that airs on the same network and where has Raw Underground gone? Nowhere.

I want to piggyback on where someone recently mentioned Samoa Joe being more comfortable on commentary.   The first several months I thought he was fantastic doing color on Raw breaking down the matches.  And really no surprise there as he is so good with promos and speaking.  However in the last month or two I’ve noticed he doesn’t color commentate anymore in a sense that he just yells out a couple of words.  Is this all Vince?

Of course.  The announcers do what they are instructed to do.  Joe is announcing for Vince and will do what Vince wants him to do, as he should.  After all, it’s Vince’s product.

When considering the greatest factions of all time, the Nation of Domination is generally not at the top of people's lists.  Considering they had 4 hall of famers, not to mention one of the top 3 most successful wrestlers of all time in the Rock, would you consider them one of the most underrated factions?  Should they be inducted into the hall of fame as a group, and if so, do you induct D-Lo Brown with them, even though D-Lo never achieved nearly the amount of success as the other 4 members of the Nation?

If you can get The Rock to come to the Hall Of Fame, you put them in.  That simple. They were a solid faction but the Hall Of Fame is an event.  I don’t look at what any of them did outside of the group and say that retroactively that means the group was great.  

Seeing as WWE as so far limited the number of talent/staff around ringside for a segment (only seeming to allow for more now they're in the Thunderdome and trying the Womens Battle Royale on Raw), do they look at an open air venue for the Royal Rumble, or construct the action to have wrestlers in smaller clusters in the ring?

I don’t see it happening.  They test everyone so in their mind as long as the talents test negative, they can have them in matches.

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