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By Dave Scherer on 2020-10-19 10:00:00

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Do you think the draft would be better if they only swapped maybe 4-5 talents instead of a bulk of the brand?  The way they’ve always done these drafts its basically like if you were red, now you’re blue, and vice versa.  I think just a few small changes is all that is needed to freshen up each brand and make an impact. 

I don’t know to be honest.  The whole concept is old and tired to me.  We have people traded to brands that are suddenly available to be drafted.  Who made the trade?  Why didn’t they wait for the draft?  And now, we have Survivor Series coming up and people that just switched brands are supposed to care about their new brand.  Why?  The whole thing is just tired and a booking crutch to me.  It’s like Money In The Bank.

Do you think it might be time to retire the trope of the champion defending against someone random while in a feud with a different wrestler whom they already have a title match scheduled against. Example Roman vs Braun when the HIAC is already booked and Strowman is headed to Raw destroying any semblance of unpredictability. Couldn't these matches serve the same purpose as a non title grudge match or in the case of AEW and the woman's title treat it like ROH and have them as non title matches where they would earn future title shot which they could conceivably win vs a title match we know they won't?

I will criticize them for a lot of things but I have no problem with them carrying through on a formerly booked match.  Even if Strowman stayed on Smackdown I don’t think he would beat Reigns so it doesn’t matter to me.  At the end of the day, both companies are TV products and a Title match means more in the ratings than a non-Title match.

I am so disappointed in the draft! Here they have a wonderful chance to begin new rivalries and stories, and what do they do? They just carry the same old tired ones to another brand. It became that when one half of a rivalry was drafted somewhere, the other half would follow. Oh there were a couple of exceptions, but come on, couldn't they have done more with what they had? The only real surprise was when they broke up The New Day, What do you think?

I agree.  My one hope was that they would get Rollins and Murphy away from the Mysterios since that feud is insipid to me.  Instead, it continues.  For the most part they just moved feuds to new shows.  The draft should be the opposite of that.

And now that Lars Sullivan is on SD, how will they explain him not being able to beat Roman Reins?

They won’t.  He just won’t do it.

And Lana winning the battle royal? What's up with that; can you find any sense in that whatsoever?

Considering they have been destroying her for weeks and with all due respect there is no way she should beat Asuka, unless the match will be done to set up the champion’s new challenger, I don’t get it.  I can’t say I am excited to watch it.

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