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By James Kurokawa on 2020-10-17 11:11:00

Hiromu Takahashi joins the commentators at ringside.

?Opening match:

1.  Yuya Uemura vs. Gabriel Kidd

Kidd pins Uemura with a Butterfly Suplex.  

B Block Tournament Matches:

2.  Toru Yano vs. YOSHI-HASHI

YOSHI-HASHI demanded Yano remove all his tape from his trunks.   At least 5 tapes were removed.   They trade chops .  Yano goes after the turnbuckle.   Referee goes down.  YOSHI-HASHI hits Yano with the turnbuckle and hits the neck breaker.  Yano takes the match to the outside.   YOSHI-HASHI ties his Bo Staff to Yano arm in the guardrail.   Yano makes it back to the ring.   YOSHI-HASHI pins Yano.

Fine for what it was.   More comedy than anything else.

YOSHI-HASHI finishes with 4 points.

Toru Yano finishes with 6 points.

3.  Juice Robinson vs. Hirooki Goto

They start throwing elbows immediately.   Juice goes after Goto’s injured shoulder.   Juice rams his shoulder into the steel post.   Back in the ring, Juice attacks the shoulder with submissions.   Goto counters with a back suplex.   Goto with a bulldog.   Two count.   Juice hits a senton and a lariat.   Juice nails a cannonball.   Juice puts Goto on the top rope.   Juice hits a superplex.   Goto with a neck breaker.   Both hit lariats.    Goto hits an ushigaroshi.   Both counter each other’s finishers.   Goto locks in a sleeper.   Goto goes for a pin.  Two count.  Juice hits a Left Hand of God.   He hits another one.  Juice hits Pulp Friction and pins Goto.

Good match.   Juice looked solid throughout the G1 tournament.   

Juice Robinson finishes with 8 points.

Hirooki Goto finishes with 8 points.

4.  Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

ZSJ goes for a roll up pin quickly.  One count.   ZSJ is moving at a quick pace and going for quick pins.  Tanahashi grabs a headlock to slow it down.    ZSJ breaks free and neck twists Tanahashi.   ZSJ applies a head vice.   Tanahashi rolls out and applies a leg lock.  ZSJ locks in a head scissors submission.  ZSJ tries for a cobra twist, but Tanahashi rolls him up for a two count.   ZSJ locks him in a triangle choke.   Tanahashi rolls him into a modified scorpion lock but ZSJ gets to the ropes.   They trade submissions.    Then trade pinning combinations.   Tanahashi attacks with a leg whip.   ZSJ applies a front choke, but Tanahashi hits Twist and Shout.   Tanahashi with a Slingblade.    Tanahashi with High Fly Flow.    Tanahashi pins ZSJ.

Good match.   Surprising that Zack did not attack Tanahashi’s knees.   However, these two always have a good matches.

Hiroshi Tanahashi finishes with 8 points.

Zack Sabre Jr. finishes with 10 points.

5.  Tetsuya Naito vs. KENTA

Naito takes his time to remove his ring gear.   KENTA now stalls making Naito wait.   KENTA with a small package for a two count.   Naito takes down KENTA by the legs.   KENTA tries for. Cross arm breaker but they both roll out.    Pace quickens.   KENTA goes to the outside and gets his briefcase.   He smashes Naito in the face.   KENTA throws Naito into the guardrail.   Back in the ring, KENTA applies a rear chin lock, and hits a punt kick to the back of the head.   KENTA with a neck vice on Naito.   KENTA with a neckbreaker.  Two count.   Naito hits a reverse atomic drop and a neckbreaker.   Naito with Combinacion de Cabron.    Naito applies a neck submission on KENTA.    He gets to the ropes.    KENTA hits a top rope lariat.  He follows up with a Fisherman Buster.   He hits a DDT.  Two count.   KENTA with a mafia kick, delayed drop kick and a double stomp.   Two count.   KENTA with a Falcon Arrow.  Two count.   Naito with a Poisonrana.   Naito hits a bunch of elbows.   Naito with a Frankensteiner.   Naito hits Gloria.  Two count.   KENTA with draping DDT.   Two count.   KENTA with a psycho knee.  Two count.    KENTA with open hand strikes.   Naito with a reverse DDT.   Two count.   Naito hits Valentina and goes for Destino.   KENTA with a small package.   KENTA pins Naito!!!

Another good match.   Wow!  KENTA puts himself in line for a title shot for the IWGP titles against Tetsuya Naito.

KENTA finishes with 10 points.

Tetsuya Naito finishes with 12 points.

6.  SANADA vs. EVIL, with Dick Togo

EVIL stalls outside the ring.   EVIL hits a lariat and SANADA falls to the floor.   EVIL whips him into the guardrail and suplexes him on chairs.   SANADA is slow to get up.  EVIL with a body slam in the ring.  EVIL with a single leg Boston Crab.    SANADA counters with a back suplex.   EVIL rolls to the outside and SANADA hits a plancha.   Togo gets locked in the Paradise Lock.   EVIL gets trapped in the Paradise Lock.    SANADA drop kicks them both.  EVIL with super kick to the gut and a Fisherman Buster.  Two count.   SANADA with springboard missle drop kick.   SANADA locks in Skull End but EVIL escapes.   SANADA with a Tiger suplex.   Two count.   SANADA misses a moonsault.   EVIL with a backbreaker.   SANADA is put on the top rope.   EVIL hits a superplex and applies a Scorpion Death Lock.   SANADA gets to the ropes.   EVIL hits Darkness Falls.  Two count.   SANADA hits a TKO.   SANADA locks in Skull End with a body scissors.    EVIL screams in pain.    EVIL tries slide out.   SANADA hits two moonsaults.   Togo pulls Red Shoes out.   Togo hits SANADA with a chair.   EVIL and Togo hit Magic Killer on SANADA.  Hiromu Takahashi runs into the ring and eats a Magic Killer.   EVIL hits a lariat on SANADA.   SANADA avoids Everything is Evil.   Togo tries to choke SANADA, but Hiromu super kicks him.    SANADA rolls up EVIL and gets the pin.


SANADA, EVIL and Tetsuya Naito are tied with 12 points.   But since SANADA pinned both Naito and EVIL, SANADA advances to face Kota Ibushi.

G1 Climax 30 B Block Final Standings as of Oct. 17


Points Earned



Hirooki Goto


Hiroshi Tanahashi


Juice Robinson





12 Winner

Tetsuya Naito


Toru Yano




Zack Sabre Jr.


Tomorrow,  the finals of the G1 Tournament will be Kota Ibushi vs.  SANADA!

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