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By Kendall Jenkins on 2020-10-16 10:26:00

Betting on MMA is entirely different because it is comprised of placing a bet on a match with only two outcomes. When it happens to end in a very rare draw, the match will end up being canceled. Compared to betting on football which has three choices, it is easier to bet on MMA. The unpredictable nature and volatility make MMA more attractive.

Boxing vs MMA

In boxing, anything can happen; that's a phrase that is frequently used. The accuracy of this statement isn't on point. When fighting in the ring, a boxer can throw a single punch that can lead to a knockout. Outpointing the opponent is also an option.

Competitive Matchups

The style of matchmaking in MMA is entirely different. In boxing, all boxers are under different promoters who have to adhere to rules set up by the four major organizations in boxing. In MMA, all fighters are under one promoter. This results in the match being even because the best fighters will fight each other.

Anything Can Happen in MMA

In MMA, anything can happen. Fighters are allowed to use, a kick, knee, elbow, and consistently knockouts and submissions are the order of the day.

MMA is a Sport with More Variance.

MMA is full of variance because of freak occurrences. Underdogs consistently win in MMA compared to other sports, and that means that it's easier to get bets with values. The performance of a fighter on a bad day is nothing near a team loss in a team sport. The bad performance by any fighter in a team sport can be balanced by superb performances by other fighters in his team. If it's not a team fight, a fighter having a terrible day could lead to a knockout, and it's not limited to favorite fighters.

UFC Betting

The largest MMA promotion company in the world is UFC. It started as a style showcase for Gracie's jiu-jitsu. It was meant to effectively demonstrate to opponents who had never heard about grappling but turned out to be one of the fastest-growing sports around the globe. Numerous MMA events are happening almost every week, which offers innumerable fights to bet. This is great news for punters, and very many chances to earn money.

UFC fighters are comprised of upcoming fighters, MMA legends, and action fighters. MMA styles have distinct representation which includes wrestling, karate, not forgetting kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. UFC events comprise between eight to ten fights, and you can place a bet on all of the fights on a major betting site. The biggest names in MMA are under the UFC. It includes Jones Conor McGregor and several other big names.

On the UFC website, one can be able to find stats such as the significant strikes landed which cannot be found on any other betting website. On further analysis of the matter of massive strikes, it does not include the jabs which are considered vital strikes in any fight. It also lacks the ground strikes, which some are deemed insignificant. Research has proven that there is no difference between a striker and a ground fighter since they do not differ much on their strikes. Therefore, a fighter may be able to have good striking accuracy and volume but very much inferior on his feet, which it is recommended that there should be a difference between the distance strike, clinch strike, and ground strikes.

If you require further information about placing bets on UFC fights, the ufc betting guide on the punters page could be exactly what you’re looking for. Not only can you find the best-suited bookmakers for UFC bets, but also the most important UFC tips and strategies that will help you win the next bet

Other MMA Promotions to place bets

You can also bet on smaller MMA promotions, even though it is clear that UFC is the leader in the market. Small tournaments, however, don't receive the same attention from bookies and painters; thus, the odds are not that accurate.


The second-largest promotion of MMA is Bellator and is comprised of several great fighters, including Ryan Vader. Former WWE Star Jack Swagger signed with Bellator a few years ago.
Bellator still has a long way to go, before they can get anywhere close to UFC. Most sites offer odds on the main fights because the other fighters are regarded as local fighters because they are unknown and thus fewer live betting options.

Cage Warriors

In the UK, the leading MMA promotion is Cage warriors. Many of England's talented fighters emerge from cage warriors promotions including McGregor.
Champions who emerge from here join bigger promotions like UFC. Several betting sites offer odds on cage warriors fights, but not on all the fights.

Where to Find the Best UFC Betting Odds.

MMA popularity has been on the rise, and numerous betting sites have started offering UFC odds. Generally, almost all of the odds are similar, with small to no differences between them. Some of the sites that have the best odds include Betfair and Coral.

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