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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-16 10:28:00

Bu Ku Dao, who has been one of the most underrated talents in the Gulf Coast area for some time, has officially signed with MLW, it was announced this morning on DAZN's website.

Several years ago, he had signed a NXT deal, which was rescinded before he started, so this something of a second chance for him.

On WWE canceling his deal, Dao said, "Honestly, it hit me real hard. It took a couple of years to be honest where I woke up, and not a day goes by where you don't want to give up on of the dream or give up on a career that you love so much. I had to grow so that I didn't want to be bitter. If I really wanted to do this, that's just another obstacle. I want to keep doing it and do it better, be better, and prove to them why they made the wrong choice."

On MLW signing him, Dao said, "I wanted to go there for so long, for a couple of years I've been talking about (wanting to go there). Even when I got the call, I was excited, but then at the same time, I thought it was a joke. I thought no way they want me, just like my dad and my parents don't want me at home or wrestling. I was like, 'No way these guys want me in Major League Wrestling.' I was so excited and very emotional. I was crying a lot. For them to give me this opportunity, I was just so speechless."

On wanting to be a trendsetter for Vietnamese Americans, Dao said, "It's a new motivation for me because I really do want to inspire more Vietnamese wrestlers, more people. I see it growing over there in Vietnam. I want to help them grow. I want them to take notice, too. If you're from here and you're Vietnamese, I still want you to believe because I don't think there's enough representation in the business, especially the Vietnamese and the culture that's coming out right now."

The streaming service features an interview with Dao at this link.

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