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By James Kurokawa on 2020-10-14 17:50:00

New Japan G1 Climax 30 B Block Results for Oct. 14

Opening Match:  Yota Tsuji vs. Yuya Uemura

Tsuji wins with a giant swing into a Boston Crab.

B Block Tournament Matches:


KENTA had a staredown with YOSHI-HASHI's staff prior to the bell.   KENTA starts the match with some mocking bully tactics.  YOSHI-HASHI was not playing games.  He attacks KENTA with elbows and hits him with Head Hunter off the ropes.   KENTA rolls to the floor holding his neck.  YOSHI-HASHI follows to the floor and KENTA throws him arm first into the guardrails.  Back in the ring, KENTA goes to work on the injured left arm with Hammerlocks and a cross arm breaker.   YOSHI-HASHI counters with a suplex and series of chops.   Two dropkicks to KENTA.   Two count by YOSHI-HASHI.  KENTA hits a powerslam on a charging YOSHI-HASHI.  KENTA drops him throat first on the top rope and hits a flying lariat.  Two count.  Elbows exchanged.   KENTA with a mafia kick and delayed dropkick in the corner.  KENTA with a double stomp from the top rope.  Two count.  YOSHI-HASHI with a jumping spinning heel kick, and a superkick which drops KENTA.  YOSHI-HASHI hits a running sit down powerbomb.  Two count.  YOSHI-HASHI quickly locks in the Butterfly Lock.  KENTA struggles for the ropes.  YOSHI-HASHI adds a Hammerlock.   KENTA is struggling to the ropes.  YOSHI-HASHI changes to a sleeper hold and hits a back cracker.  YOSHI-HASHI tried to hit a double knee strike.  KENTA ducks and takes down YOSHI-HASHI by the knee.  KENTA tries for Game Over.  YOSHI-HASHI fights him off and gets a break in the ropes.  KENTA throws kicks to the chest of YOSHI-HASHI.   YOSHI-HASHI powers up and both are throwing kicks and elbows.  KENTA hits a combination of punches and goes for Go To Sleep.  YOSHI-HASHI reverses into a DDT.  YOSHI-HASHI with a Dragon Suplex and a lariat off the ropes.   YOSHI-HASHI with a Bunker Buster for a two count.  YOSHI-HASHI goes for Karma, but KENTA rolls him in to Game Over.  YOSHI-HASHI almost reaches the ropes until KENTA rolled them both over and locked Game Over in tighter.   YOSHI-HASHI submitted.   KENTA is the winner. 

KENTA fistbumped YOSHI-HASHI's staff as he left the ring.  

Awesome match!  Both men looked awesome.  KENTA looks better and performing well despite being alone in the G1 Climax.  From his Bullet Club, Jay White has Gedo and EVIL has Dick Togo.  KENTA is tied for second place in B Block and doing it on his own, which is impressive. 

Juice Robinson vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Both men trade arm locks early in the match.  Juice catches ZSJ coming off the ropes with a reverse atomic drop.  Juice with a reverse neck breaker stuns ZSJ.  Juice for a senton but misses and ZSJ locks him in a cross arm breaker.  Juice gets to the ropes.  ZSJ makes the referee break the hold.  ZSJ goes to work on Juice's left arm, tying him into submissions.  Juice is moving like a wounded animal favoring his left arm, while ZSJ is looking the the shark who smells blood.   ZSJ misses a kick to Juice's arm and lands on his back.  Juice hits a solid senton on the chest of ZSJ.   Juice follows up with right hand punches and chops.  Juice lands a spinebuster.  ZSJ blocks a cannonball attempt but Juice stuns him with chops in the corner.  Juice puts ZSJ on the top rope.  ZSJ puts a Hammerlock on Juice's left arm.  Juice fights him off.  ZSJ knocks him to the mat with an elbow.  ZSJ leaps from the ropes and traps Juice in a Dragon Sleeper.  Juice powers ZSJ into a suplex position.  ZSJ wiggles out of the suplex and grabs Juice in a Sleeper.  ZSJ transitions into another Hammerlock on his left arm.   Juice gets a break in the ropes.  ZSJ with European Uppercuts.   Juice lifts him into Juice Box but ZSJ avoids the impact and punts the hell out of Juice's chest.  ZSJ with a tornado DDT.  Juice kicks out at two.  ZSJ slides him into another cross arm breaker.  ZSJ traps Juice in Triangle Choke.  Juice is grabbing anything he can to get out.  Juice tries to deadlift ZSJ but his arm is too injured to do so.  ZSJ locks in the Triangle deeper.    Juice tries again to deadlift ZSJ, which he does and drops him to the mat.  Juice hits a running cannonball.   Juice goes for Pulp Friction.  ZSJ reverses into an octopus stretch.  Juice powers him up into a Juice Box.   Juice with a two count.  Juice hits a right hand and tries for Pulp Friction.  ZSJ reverses into a Victory Roll.  Two count.  Juice reverses.  Two count.  ZSJ with the European Clutch.  ZSJ pins Juice and earns two points. 

Another great match.  Zack Sabre Jr. ties for the lead with 10 points.   Juice Robinson has had a great G1 Climax Tournament with good matches against the best in New Japan.   Hopefully this will lead to a Singles push in the future. 

Toru Yano vs. Tetsuya Naito

Shenanigans to come in this match.   Naito took his time taking off his ring gear.  They refuse to lock up initially.  Naito with a school boy roll up.  Yano kicks out and runs to the floor.  Yano stalls and argues with the referee.  Yano is almost counted out.  He rolls in the ring and is met with stomps by Naito.  Naito attacks the neck of Yano.  

Naito charges Yano, who pulls down the top rope and Naito sails to the floor.   Naito sneaks in the ring and tries to untie a turnbuckle pad.  Yano attacks him and Naito pushes him away.  Both go after turnbuckle pads.  Yano is able to unbuckle it faster and whacks Naito in the back first.  Referee takes the pad away from Yano.  Yano takes Naito's pad and whacks him with that one as well.   Naito rolls to the floor.  Yano takes out tape.  Naito attacks him and grabs the tape.  Naito throws the tape in the ring.  Yano whips Naito into the guardrail, grabs his spray bottle of hand sanitizer and sprays Naito in the eyes.  Yota Tsuji, working at ringside, gets sprayed in the eyes.  Yano takes Tsuji and drops him on the other side of the guardrail.  Yano takes out more tape and tapes Naito's arm to Tsuji's arm which is between the guardrail.  Yano jumps back in the ring while the referee is counting.  Naito is able to slide Tsuji between the rails and they both jump in the ring to break the count.  Yano stomps on both men and comes off the ropes for an attack.  Naito and Tsuji double clothesline Yano.   The referee and Tsuji struggle to get the tape off of Naito's arm.  Tsuji is able to rip the tape off and free Naito.   Naito is happy and offers to Tsuji an LIJ fist bump salute.  Tsuji goes for the fist bump and Naito kicks him and bodyslams him onto Yano.   Naito tries to bodyslam the referee too, but the referee escapes.  Yano with a low blow on Naito.   Yano with a chop block.  Yano goes for a school boy but Naito rolls out of it.   Naito kicks Yano below the belt and rolls up Yano for pinfall win.  

Tetsuya Naito takes the lead in B Block with 12 points.   Both men sold their low blows walking back to the locker room.  

Hirooki Goto vs. EVIL, with Dick Togo

Goto starts off strong with attacks to EVIL's head and neck.  Togo pulls Goto out of the ring.  Goto goes after Togo.  EVIL attacks Goto from behind throwing him into the guardrail.  EVIL wraps a chair around Goto's head and smashes him with another chair.  EVIL points to the sky like Babe Ruth.   EVIL rolls Goto back in the ring.  Togo takes off a turnbuckle pad.   EVIL throws Goto into the unprotected corner twice.  EVIL with a bodyslam.  Two count.  EVIL tries a suplex.  Goto powers out and pushes EVIL chest first into the unprotected corner.   Goto drops EVIL with back suplex.  Goto with a spinning high kick and bulldog headlock out of the corner.   EVIL stuns Goto with a kick to the stomach.  EVIL with a Fisherman Buster.   Two count.  Goto catches a charging EVIL and hits an ushigaroshi.  Goto climbed to the top rope.  Togo distracted everyone enough for EVIL to toss Goto off the top rope.  EVIL hits a lariat.  Two count.   EVIL with Darkness Falls.  Two count.  Goto with a neckbreaker.   Both men stunned, trying to recover.  Goto hits a lariat which sends EVIL over the top rope.  Goto hits a plancha on both EVIL and Togo.  He throws EVIL in the ring and lands a top rope elbow.   Two count.  Goto goes for GTR but EVIL rakes his eyes.   Both connect with lariats.   EVIL grabs the referee.  Togo tries to choke Goto with the piano wire.  Goto rolls out of the chokes, picks up Togo and lays him out with an ushigaroshi.  EVIL hits a lariat with no effect.  Goto stuns him with a headbutt.   Goto hits a GTR to the back of the head of EVIL.  Two count.    They both reverse out of each other's finishers.  EVIL nails Everything is Evil.   EVIL gets the pinfall win.  

Good match.  EVIL stays tied with Tetsuya Naito for the lead in B Block with 12 points.  

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. SANADA

Good wrestling between these men to start the match.   Tanahashi gets the advantage with a dropkick to SANADA's left leg.  He attacked with leg whips and submissions.   He locks in an Indian Death lock.  SANADA fights for the ropes.   SANADA gets a break and attacks Tanahashi with a leg whip of his own.  SANADA dropkicks Tanahashi out of the ring and hits a plancha.   Back in the ring, SANADA traps Tanahashi in the Paradise Lock.   SANADA dropkicks Tanahashi breaking the hold.   He then puts the Paradise Lock on again while Tanahashi was in the ropes.  SANADA dropkicks him again to release him.  Tanahashi grounds SANADA with another leg whip.   Tanahashi hits a High Fly Flow on SANADA who was on the ring floor.  SANADA is almost counted out.  As he gets back in the ring, Tanahashi attacks him with leg whips.   Tanahashi applies the Texas Cloverleaf.  SANADA gets to the ropes.  SANADA tries for a TKO, but Tanahashi reverses into Twist and Shout.  Tanahashi holds on and hits another Twist and Shout.   SANADA holds on and lifts Tanahashi into a suplex, drops his legs on the top rope and turns it into a Magic Killer.   SANADA with a TKO.  Two count.  SANADA with a dropkick, but he misses a moonsault.  Tanahashi with Slingblade.  Two count.  Tanahashi with a straight jacket suplex.  Two count.  Tanahashi goes for the High Fly Flow, but SANADA gets his knees up.   SANADA locks in Skull End with a body scissors.   Tanahashi powers out but SANADA locks it back on.  Tanahashi breaks the hold by attacking SANADA's sore leg.  SANADA resets and puts Skull End on again.   Tanahashi seems to be fading out.   SANADA breaks the hold to hit a moonsault.  Tanahashi gets his knees in SANADA's stomach as he comes down.   SANADA goes for a Frankensteiner but Tanahashi catches him and traps him in a Texas Cloverleaf.  SANADA screams in pain and makes a move for the ropes.  SANADA gets the break in the ropes.   They trade reversals on finishers.   Tanahashi hits Slingblade.  Tanahashi goes for another High Fly Flow, but SANADA catches him in a TKO.  SANADA with a moonsault.  SANADA hits another moonsault.  SANADA pins Tanahashi.   

Awesome match.   SANADA is tied for second place with Zack Sabre Jr.   Hiroshi Tanahashi has 6 points which puts him out of the running for B Block.  

G1 Climax 30 B Block Standings as of Oct. 14


Points Earned



Hirooki Goto


Hiroshi Tanahashi


Juice Robinson






Tetsuya Naito


Toru Yano




Zack Sabre Jr.





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