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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-13 21:05:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of United Wrestling Network's Primetime Live Episode 5!

Well, the first minute, we can hear some promos but visually, all we see is a graphic for the series.

Danny Limelight vs. Clark Connors

We get video as Connors comes to the ring.  This is announced as a New Japan rematch as they faced off on NJPW Strong recently.   Lots of fast paced strikes and kicks early mixed with good grappling.  Limelight was going for a Boston Crab but Connors, underneath, drilled him.  Limelight was nailed with a German suplex.  They battled back and forth.  It was very good.  Connors locked in a single leg crab but Limelight grabbed the ropes.

Limelight snatched Connors with a spear but was too spent to go for a pinfall.  He went to the ropes and nailed a springboard Meteora and a German suplex.  He went for a kick but it was caught.  Connors was sent to the floor.  Limelight drilled him with a dive over the top to the floor.  Back on the ring, Connors caught Lucifer with a Pounce.  He was sent to the outside onto the ramp but charged down the ramp and cut Limelight in two with a spear for a two count.  They continued to go toe to toe with Limelight nailing an enziguiri for a two count.

They fought to their feet as they exchanged chops and punches.  Connors went to the ropes but "slipped", allowing Limelight to nailed a leaping knee strike, but Connor's reversed a pinfall coming out of a Fisherman's Buster and scored the win.

Your winner, Clark Connors!

Damn good wrestling match.  This may have been the best thing on the series to date.

Dave Marquez interviewed Fred Rosser, aka the former Darren Young.  He said you can't have Primetime Live without the Prime Time Player.  He said he's known Dave forever and Dave was the first promoter to use him outside of New Jersey.  Chris Masters showed up and said he's known Dave forever too but who cares.  He says he's going to...and there's noise from behind the interview set.  Out comes James Storm drinking a beer.  He starts to talk when Masters grabs the beer and dumps it in a trash can.  Storm said everyone is going to expect they fight and security will pull them apart but instead suggests he joins them and makes it a Three-Way match tonight.  They all agree.  Nice surprise.

Elayna Black vs. Heather Monroe with Hallston Body

Black is a regular in the Chicago scene.  They have some nice back and forth action with Black nailing a head scissors.  She followed up with a running knee to the face in the corner and a leg lariat on Monroe for a two count.  Monroe rolled to the floor but Black followed and assaulted her on the floor.  Monroe fought back and nailed several chops and a running elbow strike in the corner.    She snapmares Black over and drill her with a kick to the back before going for  a surfboard submission setup.  Black caught her with a Dragon sleeper and scored a two count after drilling her to the mat.  Black was sent to the ropes and grabbed with a Dragon suplex as she rebounded for another two count.  Monroe went for another suplex but was grabbed for an inside cradle.  Lots of two count.  Black wass distracted by Body.  Monroe drilled her with a kick to the head and a Michinoku Driver for the pin.

Your winner, Heather Monroe.

Solid back and forth pace.

They aired footage from last week "after they went off the air" with Chris Dickinson grabbing a mic and said he's going to sit home until he gets some formidable competition.  He's going to watch the announcement next week and hopes they have someone for him because he's been all over the world fighting the top competition and they had better find something good for him or they won't see his face again.  Dickinson has really stolen the show the last few weeks with his promos.

West Coast Pro Champion Alexander Hammerstone vs. Tresario

The story early on was Tresario was using his speed and finesse to keep Hammerstone off balance but Hammerstone caught him and began pulverising him with power moves, beating him all over the ring.  Hammerstone sent Tresario into the ropes and drilled him across the back.  He continued to manhandle him with a big forearm strike.  Hammerstone works him over.  Tresario tried to counter a pendulum but was jacked up into a powerslam and pinned.

Your winner and still Champion, Alexander Hammerstone!

Fred Rosser vs. James Storm vs. Chris Masters

Storm and Masters began brawling at the door.  Rosser joined in.  He and Storm double teamed Masters, who scrambled out to the entrance ramp asking for a time out.  Masters and Rosser faced off.  They locked up and Rosser took him down to the mat with a headlock takeover.    They went back and forth with some solid wrestling.  Storm nailed him with an inverted Codebreaker but was pulled out by Maskters.  Masters nailed a hiptoss on the concerete floor.    Masters returned with a clothesline on Rosser.  

Masters and Rosser battled back and forth, keeping Storm at bay whole doing so.  Storm finally dragged Rosser out of the ring and nailed a hanging DDT off the ropes onto the entrance ramp. Storm kicked and stomped away on him, then returned to the ring to go after Masters.  Storm rolled up Rosser but was kicked up and propelled towards Masters, who kicked him in the face.  Rosser nailed several strikes and kicks on Masters and nailed a splash for a two count.  Storm caught them with a combination DDT/neckbreaker, scoring several two counts.

Storm went for the Last Call superkick but was caught in the Masterlock.  Rosser got involved but was kicked low.  Storm was tossed to the floor.  Rosser nailed the Gutcheck on Masters and scored the pin.

Your winner, Fred Rosser!

Solid, good action.  Rosser has really worked to recreate himself.

Storm showed Rosser respect after the bout.

The big announcement was Dave Marquez announcing they will hold a multi-week eight man tournament to crown the first-ever United Wrestling Network World Champion.  They will announce the field of competition next week.  He revealed the belt.

UWN TV Champion Dan Joseph vs. Dom Kubrik

Kubrik showed some nice arrogance early on while Joseph has a good, fiery intensity.  They battled back and forth.  Joseph went for a German suplex but Kubrik landed on his feet.  He nailed a cutter off the ropes and scored a two count.  Kubrik worked over Joseph's neck for a long time.  He thinks he had Joseph finished but ate a stiff slap to the face.  Kubrik continued to fight and scored several two counts.

Joseph fought from behind but was nailed with a DDT for a two count.  Joseph came back with a springboard leaping clothesline.  He followed up with a pair of clotheslines and nailed a Fisherman's suplex but his neck was hurting too much to truly capitalize.  Kubrik nailed a springboard Blockbuster for another two count.  Good, competitive bout.

Kubrik nailed a double underhook neckbreaker for another close two count.  He controlled Joseph and locked on a Dragon Sleeper and looked damn good working over the champion here.  Joseph fired back and surprised him with a German suplex for the pin.

Your winner, Dan Joseph!

Damn good match.  This really over-delivered and both men really built their clout with this one.  They each played their roles perfectly and looked strong inside the ring.

Next week:

*NWA TV Champion Zicky Dice vs. The Pope.

*Max Castor vs. Ther One Called Manders.

*Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis return.

They announced NWA Women's Champion Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb for 10/27.

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