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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-17 10:00:00

Whatever happened to the Vince McMahon bio-film?

Like a lot of film and TV productions, it's still technically active but not much movement has been made, to the best of my knowledge, since a new draft was written and sent to Vince McMahon for approval.  As we broke some time ago, there was an offer made to Bradley Cooper to come on board to play McMahon but that doesn't appear to have ever come to fruition.

I get a big kick out of 90 Day Fiance and feel like some of these men and women are made for pro wrestling.  Do you ever see WWE giving them a tryout?

I am sure that if someone comes along athletic enough and with a big enough personality, WWE would take a look.  I enjoy the show, but do you see Colt, Larissa, Darcey, Tim, etc. capable of withstanding a day of pro wrestling training?  No, of course not. I could see perhaps Andrei being physically fit enough, but pro wrestling takes a special breed.  As far as the series, there is a lot of the over the top pro wrestling personality-inspired zaniness in the reality show, for sure and it's damn entertaining, but series like that are made in the editing room - and I don't know how well any of those personalities would come across outside of the element.

Do you miss going to wrestling since the pandemic hit?

I think that answer changes day to day.  I guess the best answer is I miss being there, but I know I am making the right choice not to go.  I've been invited to come "inside" different bubbles that exist to cover PPVs and events, but have (thus far) turned down that opportunity.  I've taken a very hardline stance that I'm not going to attend anything - and I mean anything - until it's safe as I've had so many friends and family members who have caught and fought COVID, and some who have even passed.  I don't ever want to accidentally pick something up and pass it onto someone else, so I have decided to remain home and dilligently social distance, making this the longest I have gone without going to a pro wrestling show since January 1993.  While I miss immersing myself in the moment at shows and covering shows live, I am fine covering shows via TV and streaming services.  Being home has allowed me time to do other things to benefit the site, having conducted over 100 interviews for Elite subscribers this year.  When things are safe enough to go back, I'll resume my old travel schedule as much as possible.  Until then, If I ever find that there's something so big I feel I need to go, I guess I could attend and then quarantine myself in a hotel for 14 days upon return to NYC, but I sincerely can't imagine off the top of my head what that event would be.

Do you think WWE will extend the Thunderdome past November?

I think they can and I think they should stay there as long as humanly possible.  It's an environment they can control and maintain.  That's a massive asset right now.

How does WWE plan on doing Hell in a Cell at the Amway Center now that they’ve extended their contract and (presumably) will continue using the Thunderdome set? It doesn’t appear they can hang the cell with the Thunderdome rigging, and because of the Thunderdome design it doesn’t appear raising the rigging is an option. It doesn’t look like the cell will fit under the rigging either, and, even if it did, I don’t see any way they could construct and deconstruct the cell as many times as needed to have three Hell in a Cell matches - even if they opened and closed the show with a cell match. Any chance WWE will build the cell at the Capitol Wrestling Center and split the show between the two venues? Any other word on how they plan to manage the cell? 

I haven't heard anything specific but given they have no fans in the venue, they can figure out what they need production wise and work around that.  It could be they pre-tape content and then splice it together.  It could be they erect the Cage manually and just lower the roof.  It could be they use a different cage.  It's not like they are going to walk into the PPV blind and try and figure it out the day of the event - that's not how WWE's production handles things.

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