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By Dave Scherer on 2020-10-14 10:00:00

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What’s the point of drafting the Smackdown Champs to RAW?

WWE would say it builds storyline intrigue.

I know the Austin/McMahon hospital beat down is more legendary, but which is more entertaining to you?  That, or the Austin/Booker T supermarket fight?

Both were great but I go with the hospital.  It was iconic.

Is there any more cringe worthy McMahonism than “Medical Facility?”  Maybe “title opportunity” or “championship opportunity” beats it but with “Medical Facility” you’re replacing one word (hospital) with two, and you’re replacing 3 syllables with seven.  It has to be a pain in the ass to say on a regular basis.

It’s all about branding.  Vince is big on that.  It doesn’t make me cringe though.  There are things going on the world that make me do that, Vince’s branding isn’t one of them.

If you were running the draft, would you have kept AJ Styles on Smackdown and turned him face to challenge Roman for the Universal title?  The recent heat between AJ and Heyman could’ve easily had the angle write itself in time for maybe the Royal Rumble.

I would have only done that if AJ was going to win the belt and I don’t think they are doing that.  Roman will be on top for a while so I would rather AJ not be another step on the road to him holding the Title.

I know now WWE wants the brand to be the draw rather than the stars, and that is the case in here in the US.  With that said, (in a non Covid world) could WWE sell out Wembley (or any stadium in the UK) on the back of Drew McIntyre?  Whether he’s WWE Champion or challenging for the title in the main event, could McIntyre draw 60,000+ in the UK at least once?

I think they could, for sure.  The UK is desperate for a big show and I think in a non-Covid world they would sell out a big stadium.  Having McIntyre on top would be a big plus as well since he is British.  They could also put some of the NXT UK stars on the show as well.  Their location they can draw from all of the surrounding countries as well.  

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