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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-15 10:00:00

Whatever happened to the A&E Steve Austin documentary?

They are still conducting interviews but the plan is still for it to debut this December.

Do you think we are at the point where we have exhausted all the good pro wrestling autobiographies?  I can't think of five who would be compelling right about now?

I don't think we'll ever hit the bottom of that well.  Having seen an advanced copy of the Young Bucks' autobiography, I think a lot of their fans will find it a great read.  You don't think there are five wrestling personalities who couldn't release a compelling autobiography?  I'll name 16 right now - Trish Stratus, Jeff Jarrett, The Dudley Boyz, Konnan, Taz, Kevin Nash, Tommy Dreamer, Scott Hall, The Steiners, Ron Simmons, Dave Finlay, John Cena, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam,  Don Muraco and Kevin Von Erich - and I could probably name another 16 off the top of my head if you asked me to do that as well.

I saw Jerry Lawler wrestled recently.  Why is he wrestling during a pandemic?

The same reason every other wrestler is.  He has chosen to do so and believes the risks are minimal.  I hope for his (and everyone else's sake) they are and that they are getting tested regularly within a few days of being around crowds.

Awhile back you named teams you'd like to see go in the WWE Hall of Fame but didn't mention the Killer Bees.  What problem do you have with them?

See, the way you wrote your question epitomizes everything wrong about the Internet.  I answered a question and you automatically, for some reason, think I have a problem with a team.  If we are going to tune into reality FM (and since this is the 15th time you have sent the same question in three weeks), here's the truth.  I just picked a few quality teams off the top of my head.  There's no problem with the Bees.  They were a fine team, but they were not Champions or pushed as the top team ever in WWF, so, for whatever reason, they didn't come into my brain when I wrote the answer.  Now, I could make a great case for them going in, but you didn't ask me whether I think they should be in.  You asked me what my problem was.  The answer is: there isn't one.  Good day.

Why did Leilani Kai get a Women's title shot at Wrestlemania X?

It was to play on the history of Wrestlemania, as she was in the Women's Title bout at Wrestlemania 1 against Wendi Richter.

What has Jushin Liger been doing since he retired?  Do you think he will wrestle when NJPW finally gets to Madison Square Garden?

Liger works behind the scenes for New Japan on their Juniors division and also works as an announcer for the company.  I'd love to see him wrestle again, but don't see it happening.

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