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By Adam Cardoza on 2020-10-10 18:02:00

Glory Pro “Are Ya Wrestling, Son”

The Collective 2020: Part 6

10/10/20 - Indianapolis, IN

I know nothing about Glory Pro apart from AJ Gray being their champ. So this will be a journey of discovery for us all!

Match 1: Mike Outlaw vs Lee Moriarty

Both guys testing each other here. Lee with a dive, double stomp to the arm and a hammerlock DDT. Moriarty is trying to rip it off. Outlaw with a springboard European uppercut to cut off a charging Lee. Outlaw with a twisting suplex and another for a two count. Moriarty with a rising knee and transitions into an armbar but his back prevents him from putting a lot of torque on it. Trading kicks and strikes. Back slide into a series of pin attempts, Outlaw uses a rebound off the ropes to roll up Lee Moriarty and stack him for the pin!

Winner: Mike Outlaw

Technically solid and exciting! A good opener for Glory Pro & Outlaw as Moriarty continues his string of excellent (mostly) losses. 

Match 2: Alex Zayne & Blake Christian vs The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page)

Well here’s a match I didn’t know I wanted. Zayne with a double rana on both members of the North. Christian in to help with tandem bulldogs for a near double pin. Alexander is upset and landing loud chops but is sent to the outside on a head scissors. Page run interference on a follow up dive to let Alexander sneak in the back door with a head strike. Alexander laying chops into Christian’s chest and a huge back drop for a two count. Zayne watches Alexander deal punishment before getting the tag and he’s on firrrrrrre. Flipping axe kick, running page into Alexander, top rope flip double knees to Page’s back for a 2 count. Christia and Zayne try a double team but Alexander cuts them off. Blake Christian hit with a straight jacket slam and a double powerbomb for a close two. Christian able to dodge both guys and hit s a double basement 619. Alexander prone and hit with a 450. Christian keeps holding his own until Zayne recovers to hit a tandem blockbuster. Page throws Zayne into the pin to break it up. North finally catches Christian with a torture rack into a flip spinebuster for the win.

Winner: The North

Well that ruled. The North had their work cut out for them trying to keep Zayne and Christian grounded. Great work from all four guys. This was a tag team SHOW.

Match 3: Hakim Zane (with Karam) vs Kylie Rae (for the Midwest Territory Championship)

She wants to be the very best, and so she needs that belt. Zane cuts off Rae’s music, takes the mic and make sure everyone knows he’s a huge jerk. Karam takes the mic and is also a jerk (I wish I knew the content of the promo but this is a problem that exists throughout this weekend. The live mic is kind of incomprehensible to the feed). Bell rings and Kylie is happy to get the arm and try to wrench it from him. Zane slams his way out with appropriate taunting. THey catch each other’s leg and Rae forces a pinkie swear for a clean break...which actually happens! Zane takes advantage with a stone cold style elbowdrop and a snap suplex for a cocky pin attempt. Zane distracts the ref, allowing Karam to get some cheap shots in. Flurry of kicks and Kylie gets hit with a flatliner....and the champ doesn’t pin her? All ego. All taunting. Kylie hits a TKO and might have this? kick out! Kylie with a half mouse trap but Zane slips it but falls into a deep cross face. Zane out and hits a pair of flapjacks but Rae kicks out. Zane misses a cannonball into the corner....but Kylie misses her follow up. He misses a double stomp, Kylie locks in another cross face....he fights to the ropes but Kylie rolls it back to the center. Zane drags his broken body to the rope that Karam was pushing closer. Rae kicks Karam in the face, allowing Zane to hit an Unprettier for the win.

Winner (and still champ): Hakim Zane

Like an AC Mack match, you KNOW the cheating is coming, it’s just a matter of how much and in what form. Karam may have provided some distraction but Zane did show he is tough enough to hang with a top-tier opponent like Kylie Rae, which justified some of the attitude he displayed throughout the contest.

Match 4: WARHORSE vs Zachary Wentz (for the IWTV Championship)

Wentz with a shotgun drop kick out the gate. WARHORSE back with chops. Fight to the outside and Wentz takes control. Sliding drop kick for a two count. Running knee and a PK for another near fall. Wentz finally caught with a German suplex to slow him down. Wentz with a chop and WARHORSE is firing up. He runs through a clotheline and starts hitting his own clotheslines and forearms. A trio of suplexes and WARHORSE hits a top rope missile drop kick for a near fall. Wentz with a knee that sends the champ to the outside and a dive to the concrete. WARHORSE with a butterfly suplex for a two count. Superkick to WARHORSE and a knee but the champ rebounds with a lariat that turns Wentz inside out. Springboard high angle cutter from Wentz. kick out! Wentz tries a code breaker but WARHORSE catches him and slaps on a sharpshooter to get the tap out!


WARHORSE almost always delivers. Today was a good one. Both guys worked their ass off. Wentz gave WARHORSE a lot to work with and forced him to fight up from the bottom....also...Did someone take WARHORSE’S IWTV belt? They seemed to have possibly lost the thing for real. That’s not good.... 

Match 5: 1 Called Manders vs Jake Something (Bull Rope Match)

Manders puts on his side of the rope. Jake Something attacks and ties up Manders with the rope and beats him with the cowbell. Big lariat and corner stomps and ties him into the corner for a beat down. Note: the bell hasn’t rung yet. Manders finally gets a few chops in but Something blasts him back down. Something grab a chair. “If you’re gonna do it, do it” says Manders before taking a shot to the head. Manders crumbles and Something puts his side of the rope on, allowing the bell to ring. Another chair shot to the head of Manders. Manders wakes up and fires up with double axe handles and punches. Something breaks free of the rope but Manders hits a big lariat and a doctor bomb for two. Manders ties Something to the rope, really close....the rope is practically a handcuff now. Manders takes three point stance and hits a Hacksaw style charging lariat. Something dodges another lariat and blasts Manders in the back of the head twice. Something grabs some chairs and powerbombs Manders onto them for two. Something gets distracted by arguing with the ref, allowing Manders to recover, hogtie Something and hit an Iowa Stampede powerslam. Something hits a low blow getting back to his feet. He wraps the rope around Manders’ throat, drags him to the turnbuckle to hang him high. Something drags Manders to the top and wants a powerbomb to the chairs. Manders breaks it, hits an enziguri and powerslams Something down through the chairs. Kick out (somehow)! Trading shots as they get to their feet. Manders goes for a bell shot but Something blasts him with a chair, the bell and hits a Boss Man Slam for the win!

Winner: Jake Something

Jake Something is a damn beast. Another great big violent big man match. Super entertaining. Manders has such upside, I can’t wait for the indies to strap the rockets to him.

Match 6: Sisters of Destruction (Blair Onyx & Elayna Black) vs Hyman & Layne Luck

Layne and Blair kicks this off. Luck with a springboard arm drag that stuns Onyx, who resorts to creepy spider-like mind games to send her back for the tag to Hyan. Black in to take chops from Hyan but she cuts her off with a pump kick. Onyx back with a sliding clothesline for two and wraps up a screaming Muta lock. Hyan slingshots Oynx into Black to get some room. Double clothesline and they’re both down. Double tag and Luck is wrecking Black with lariat and a head scissors. Rolling dvd for a 2 count. Hyan in with a torture rack airplane spin on Black. Oynx breaks it up but clotheslines Elayna and gets airplane spun into a powerbomb. Black back with a double arm ddt but Luck cuts it off with a deadlift German. Oynx eats a forearm into a spider bridge and sends Luck packing. She hits Sister Abigail on Hyan and Black makes the cover.

Winners: Sisters of Destruction

Everyone in this match was unfamiliar to me but I liked what I saw. I definitely have some east coast teams I’d love to see fight the Sisters of Destruction in the near future.

Match 7: Kody Lane vs Stephen Wolf vs Jody Threat vs Devon Monroe

Jody Threat didn’t skateboard to the ring and I think that absolutely helped the intensity of her entrance. Wolf hits a stalling corner drop kick to Lane before Monroe gives Wolf a butt wash. Threat in with a double knee to Monroe and suplexes for a near fall. Threat gets Devon up in a torture rack. She tries to cut off Wolf coming in but but she gets sent through the ropes. Wolf back in to hit a moonsault outside to Monroe as Lane uses his long legs to big boot from the ring to the outside. Threat dives from the top. Monroe with a twisting plancha. Lane back in. Wolf gets Lane and Monroe down and hits a running moonsault. Threat with a michanoku driver to Wolf and a blue thunder bomb to Monroe. Lane drops threat and crushes her with a senton. Lane trapped on the top with Wolf, trying to headbutt him off and hits a spider leg bomb from the top for two. THIS WAS REALLY COOL. Monroe with a crazy looking jawbreaker to Wolf and that ends it.

Winner: Devon Monroe

This was super fun. More of Glory Pro’s lesser known talent in this match up given a good spot to shine and introduce themselves to the national wrestling scene! I know Jody Threat from Beyond’s Uncharted Territory but this was a significantly more impressive showing for her than what I’ve seen previously. Devon Monroe riding that win in the Twink Gauntlet to get the win here as well.

Match 8: Gaytanic Panic (Effy & Danhausen) vs Top Flight (Angel Dorado & Air Wolf) vs Dan the Dad & Allie Kat (for the vacant United Glory Tag Team Titles

Dan the Dad gives Danhausen a noogie. He gets his nose on a “made ya look”. He also hits a suplex but that’s less funny. Air Wolf tags in and Danhausen tilt a whirls into an octopus hold. Dorado makes the save. Effy comes in to have some speedy sequences with Dorado but he ends up eating a running kick and some double team offense. Dan the Dad tags in as Top Flight starts to bicker and he sends them to opposite corners. Kat in with a double corner cannonball. Allie tosses Top Flight and Effy in with a friendly backhand. Effy with a leg takedown to the back of the head. Air Wolf in and Danhausen pops in with a springboard german suplex. Danhausen sprinkles teeth on the mat. Dorado makes the save, and tuck Effy into the turnbuckle and hit a drop kick. Allie with a backstabber and Dan with a DVD onto Allie’s knees. WOlf is out so Danhausen pulls the ref to break the count. Top Flight with an ultimo stunner and a electric chair meteora on Dan the Dad into the teeth. Bag ‘em and tag ‘em!

Winners (and new champs): Top Flight

I love everyone in this match. This was just the right amount of dumb and fun and action. Really happy for Top Flight, who have looked good in every outing this weekend. As Top Flight celebrates, The North declare their challenge on commentary as the Sisters of Destruction show up with chairs to bust up Top Flight and walk off with the belts. Looks like there’s a lot of drama around GloryPro’s tag division right now. I should keep an eye out for that.

Main Event: ACH vs AJ Gray (for the Crown of Glory Championship)

This is a rematch from about 2 years ago of GP’s match of the year. Both of these guys can deliver so let’s get hype. Both guys patiently feel each other out, showing respect for their skills. Crowd seems pretty split for both guys. Gray manages to take out ACH’s knee and lays in some brutal chops. ACH’s is back as he handsprings a drop kick and dives to Gray when he takes a breather on the floor. Trading chops and ACH crumbles into a chair. More loud chops and ACH takes over and ties up Gray in an abdominal stretch pin. ACH whips but Gray catch him into a powerslam for two. Gray with a single leg crab, ACH gets the rope. Spine buster from Gray, he goes for a moonsault but misses and lands on his knee. ACH speeding up, takes out the leg and hits a drop kick to the face. PK off the apron and an inside out stunner from ACH. Gray waking back up and hits a DVD and a flying headbutt. The champ takes too long and ACH kicks out at two. Gray and ACH are bewildered at each other, clearly not the man they faced 2 years ago. Trading chops, sending ACH to the mat. ACH with a flurry of kicks and a butterfly powerbomb for two. ACH to the top and enziguri’d. Gray with a capo kick and hits a superplex. 2.9! Spinebuster and a Powerbomb from Gray. ACH kicks out! Gray takes him up but ACH with a springboard bomb and Gray kicks out again! ACH slips a suplex, Gray wants a lariat, ACH hits two superkicks! Gray up with two huge laraits and a powerslam to put ACH down for the three!

Winner (and still champ): AJ Gray 

So this was fantastic. Super stiff fight between two guys with a lot of history. Neither wanted to give an inch so they took everything they could from their opponent.

And that’s it for Glory Pro’s “Are Ya Wrestling, Man?”! I really liked how this show was structured, giving plenty of variety but feeling cohesive throughout. Using the later half to showcase their more homegrown talent worked very well here, as everyone was clearly working to impress. Make sure to check out Blake/Zayne vs The North, Manders/Something and the main event...but everything held it’s own. Another good show in a series of them. 

Up next is one of the weekend main events. Oh yes, it’s time for “Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4” at 7pm. Until then!


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