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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-10 10:00:00

If you had to look into your crystal ball where do you see AOP landing?

They would be a great pick-up for either AEW or Impact, since both promotions have been focusing greatly on tag teams, so I will go with one of those promotions. 

I recently found Gary Hart's book online, and it's a fascinating read. During his WCW stay, he was a huge proponent of Al Perez, but he had nothing good to say at all about Lex Luger or Sting. Do you have any idea why? Was it simply because they were young, relatively rich, and pushed at the top of the card earlier than an old-school guy like Hart would have preferred?

I don't recall Hart writing about them that way but it's probably been a decade since I last read the book.  I would probably wager that it was a changing of the guard thing, since the more muscular, younger talents got paid tons of money relatively quickly vs. the slower route those in the territories found themselves enduring over the course of their careers.

Where is Chelsea Green????

Still with WWE.  She recently battled COVID-19 but publicly stated she is healthy.

With AEW launching their second show next year have you heard of any days or time slots being tossed around? 

No, it is way too premature for that to be locked in place.

Earlier this year Alex Riley posted a picture of him backstage at Impact Wrestling. Were there ever discussions of bringing him on board?

Nothing that I can recall.


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